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Naruto 600 Prediction: Kakashi vs Madara

 Naruto 600 Prediction: Kakashi vs Madara
We see the burning root encased in blue flames. Naruto has escaped the area is is now jumping on the mokuton Madara created. He is watching as Kakashi faces off with Madara.

Madara, " hiw did you come about this strange Ameterasu? You are not Uchiha and also you now have two EMS and you still stand!"

Kakashi, " a gift from an old friend"

FlashBack shows Obito and Kakashi in the other dimension, he uses supplies out of Kakashi's bag to give him his Sharinghan with the help of a couple *Naruto clones nearby. *He also gave him some of his blood.

Kakashi, " you know time really does work different there."

It shows them shortly after Kakashi says goodbye to Obito and is training *breifly with a couple of his own clones.

Kakashi, {you were right Obito the injection you *gave me with the Uchiha and First Hokage DNA is working. I dont feel any effects, I actually have a weird EMS!} "chidori wolf pack!"
He makes hand signs and a pack of chidori wolves rush Madara.*

Madara, " still not a match for me."

He uses RG to negate the jutsu. Suddenly Kakashi warps behind him and empales him with a chidori.

Madara, " I see you have that ability of his as well. You are dangerously close."

Kakashi, { he is still the undead, even with this new power he can till out last me!} "Naruto, hang on!"

Naruto, "what are you talking about..."

We see Madara come out if the mokuton in front if Naruto.

Naruto stunned, " hey!"

He tries to jump but mokuton wraps around his leg.

Madara, "too slow."

Naruto, {dammit he is right I'm too slow even with Kurama chakra. Still too weak, but I wont give up.}

Kakashi, "dammit!"

He starts covering his body in electricity then explodes, taking out the clone he had his hand in.

He appears in between Madara and Naruto, " let him go."

Suddenly a huge. Huge *blue lighting laced chakra hand grabs Madara and throws him yards away.

We see Madara getting up starting to form his Susan'oo.*
The statue starts to shed its rock layers when Naruto notices this.*

Naruto starts to run towards it when the huge Susan'oo sword swings for him.*

A big blue Sai grabs the blade and stops it, we see Kakashi standing inside of a giant chakra warrior. He has a wolf head headdress on, with Samurai garb.*

Madara looks on still. Igger than Kakashi's.*

They engage in battle.

Naruto is headed towards the other Madara in front of the statue. **

Naruto, {great now what? }

Kakashi blocking Madara sees this, "Susan'oo summoning jutsu!"*

Madara, " what?!"

Kakashi, "Komainu!"

Two huge blue electricity pulsing lion dogs appear. They are the sane height as Kakashi's Susan'oo.

They attack the Madara clones in Naruto's way, with lightning speed.*

Kakashi, " this has gone on long enough!"*

Madara steps *back and goes back to base mode, " you have arrived."

We see Gaara and *Tsunade *floating on sand.

Naruto is trying to get close to the statue but it is flailing about.

Taunade seeing Kakashi, " how is this possible?! "

When they land, Kakahi makes a *clone and it warps to there location.

K Clone, " yes lady Tsunade?!"

Tsunade, "We cane ti help but it seems the 6th Hokage doesn't need any help. Dont say anything, you alone are pushing the moat powerful enemy of Konoha back. As of now you are the 6th Hokage I will take command of your division until the end of this war. Take are of Naruto."

The clone disperses and the real Kakashi says, " I'm not cut out for this, oh well."

Gaara and Tsunade leave as they watch they head to their unknown destination.

Kakashi, " Madara Uchiha it is over."

The two giant lion dogs charge him, as well as Kakashi sending chidori hounds *his way.

As he cancels the wolves he pushes the digs away then Kakashi appears behind gin but gets grabbed by The throat as Madara turns.

Kakashi, " got you."

Suddenly Madara is being held down. His limbs are inside Kamui, Kashi *quickly marks a seal on his firehead similar to the Hyuga clan.

Kakashi, "doujutsu binding seal!"

Madara jerks and his eyes revert to base Sharinghan

The Kamui disperse and Madera stands up.

He laughs as we see the ten tails has *been resurrected.*

Suddenly Kakashi says ,"one thousand. Good, just in time."

He looks at Naruto, " get ready, cause I'm almost out of chakra here. Gotta reserve it."

Naruto, "you want me to fight this thing alone?"

A familiar voice, " Alone? You got us!"

We see the six Naruto clones standing there, older with longer hair and slightly taller.

Next: "Team Naruto"

What are they brining to the fight?!

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