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NARUTO 598 Prediction 4

NARUTO 598 Prediction 4
Naruto rushes at Tobi and tries to punch him, though the punch phases through.
Kakashi: Even at such a speed Naruto couldn't hit him. He seems to be able to teleport his own body without any delay like when he transports other things, or like my Kamui.
Tobi: So it seems you've completely teamed up with the 9 Tails just like Killer Bee has with his 8 Tails? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that you know about my Jutsu as well. I've got more than enough power to end this battle, the power of the 10 Tails is nearly mine. Once I have that power nothing can stop the Infinint Tsukuyomi.
Naruto: Enough talk, it's time for battle!
Naruto lunges at Tobi again though he once again phases through him.
Tobi(thinking): Damn, at that speed I can't dodge him, I have to relay on my Jutsu.
Naruto: You can use that Jutsu pretty fast. Well speed isn't everything!
Naruto forms a Rasengan and lunges at Tobi again. He goes right through him again, though Naruto's arm extends with the power of the cloak. The arm carrying the Rasengan stretches around in a circle and hits Tobi as he returns his body. He is knocked into Naruto's direction and Naruto punches him dead-center of his mask.
Tobi: The power of Uchiha Obito isn't all that I have. While I admit that that did hurt a bit, I have the DNA of Senju Hashirama in me, it'll take more than that to injure me.
Naruto: I wasn't focused on hurting you. I was focused on breaking you.
Tobi's mask gains a series of cracks in the center of it, though the mask is still intact.
Tobi: The body of the Senju and the eyes of the Uchiha have also granted me a great power, the power of the Sage of Six Paths himself. Shinra Tensei!
Tobi sends Naruto flying back, though he uses the power of his Chakra cloak to extend his arms to ground himself. He creates a Shadow Clown and both attack Tobi, who lets Naruto and the clone phase through him. Naruto tries the reach-around Chakra arm trick again though he uses Shinra Tensei to block them. The clone runs over to Kakashi and Guy.
Naruto Clone: Kakashi-Sensei...
The dialogue is left blank as a conversation is held between Kakashi and Naruto's clone.
Kakashi:Alright, I got it! Get ready!
Scene goes back to Naruto VS Tobi. Naruto is being blocked by Tobi at every chance to hit him.
Tobi: Like I told you, speed won't let you beat me!
Naruto begins to form a Rasenshuriken
Naruto: You wanna put that to the test? Block this! Rasenshuriken!

Naruto launches the Rasenshuriken at Tobi who lets it go through him.

Then we cut to the Kamui dimension, we see Tobi's torso appear for a brief second. Then dialogue in the dimension is spoken. It reads, "Got him". We see a ball of Chakra being formed in the hands of the speaker

Back at Tobi, he's avoided the Rasenshuriken, however it hits the stone behind him and explodes. We see the point of view of Tobi facing the viewers as the explosion goes off in back of him, his eye moved to the side to see it. As the explosion of wind blades nears him he transports himself to the Kamui dimension.

As soon as Tobi enters the dimension we see the Naruto clone hit him with a Bijuu Bomb right on his mask.
End Chapter.

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