Monday, 13 August 2012

Naruto 599 Prediction: The true fear of the 10 tails

Naruto 599 Prediction: The true fear of the 10 tails
Tobi: Good job for taking me this far... even your father didnt even do half this much to me

Naruto: and I plan to do much more..

Kakashi: Naruto, I cant fight no more

Naruto: but why Kakashi Sensie

Kakashi: im to weak, that last hit we landed sealed his eye, he dont have that one jutsu no more, he can only manifest in this world

Naruto: so what ur saying Kakashi is that he just became my bitch

Kakashi: yes

*Kakashi falls*

"Kakashi: good job Naruto, your not the pesk any of us thought any more... your the hero of the shinobi world"

Naruto: Kakashi sensie

Guy: hes alright, stay focused

Bee: we have to take this motha ****a out

" Tobi: looks like its time"

Tobi: now know the true power of the 10-tails... UCHIHA KEAJIN RELEASE!!!!!

*The flames start to disperse, we start the get a look at the statue, only to see its shape has completly changed*

Naruto: the 10- tails

Guy & Bee: no? we are to late

* Tobi forms hand signs *

Tobi: now to seal the beast inside me

10-tails: gwarhhhhhhhhhh

Naruto: how are we suppose to fight this

Guy: we wont, our enemy is still the masked man

*When Guy finishes talking the 10-tails starts to glow and it grows smaller and smaller*

Tobi: your right, now all this power is mine, the true power of the So6P

Naruto: that dosent mean you will win

Bee: thats right its an incomplete 10-tails we still have a chance

Guy: i cant stay in the 7th gate for much longer, its either die or sit out

Naruto: sometimes youth needs a vacation, we Jinjuriki can handle it now

Bee: thats right

* Bee returns to human form*

" Hachibi to Bee: I think now will be the time to use your your new sword B.
bee to hachibi : yea"

Bee: Sameshada ready

Sameshade(growling only bee can understand): yeshhhh lets merge

* bee forms into a shark*

Bee: now to take it even futher... Host Transformation... yeaoh

* bee transforms into a octo-shark*

Chapter End

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