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Naruto 599 Prediction 10

Naruto 599 Prediction 10
cut to orochimaru sasuke and suigetsu (come on you know kishi will)

Suigetsu: you sure you know where you're going?
orochimaru: calm down, hozuki-san. dont expect "them" to be very welcoming.
sasuke: why can't you jsut summon them here?
orochimaru: tobi spent some time in kirigakure. as i said its a place mr hozuki knows well. i knew the guard would be too heavy against tobi returning for him to find it again. i was able to do this when posing as the kazekage.
sasuke: during the chunin exams...
*sasuke flashes back to his battle with gaara and begins to think about how he needs that power of the scroll to take on naruto*
orochimaru: precisely.
orochimaru opens up the scroll and touches it with chakra-covered hands like the 5 element seal, and it begins sucking them up. they reappear in a cave-like place.
sasuke: so where-
orochimaru: as i said this place is in kirigakure.
suigetsu: but ive never seen it before...
orochimaru: IN kirigakure.
finally sasuke understands.
sasuke: its underneath the village. you hid the dragon cave's location underneath the mist.
orochimaru: indeed. now the great snake sage will acknowledge us and hopefully want to talk to us. if not...
suigetsu *thinks* wow even orochimaru's scared of this snake guy.
orochimaru: alright it seems he does. hold on to something...
they are sucked up again, this time through a portal in the cave wall.

cut to tobi vs naruto.
tobi: GRAGGHH!
naruto: now ill ask you one more time. who the HELL are you?
tobi growls and covers his face. one half of it is completely blackened.
tobi: how could you possibly understand...fools. im trying to accomplish what is right. a perfect world, without lies. why won't you let me do this? it would be better for everyone. who else could do it? would they have gotten this far? the only one who can be god and bring me...
he stands up and shows his face.
kakashi: w-what is this? g-guh..
hachibi: not possible...
all: they are both madara!
tobi's face smirks. the right side directly resembled uchiha madara. the left was hashirama's.
gai: he's truly a monster. a fusion of those two men at the valley.
kakashi: it is confusing. however considering sakura's intel about the white zetsus it only makes sense. from there she theorised that because the masked bastard had been able to create this army, he must have contributed some of his own power to the efforts.
naruto: so this guy created zetsu.
kakashi: no he IS zetsu. the original anyway. the plant clones cannot permanently die off unless he does.
tobi: impressive kakashi. i am madara but i am also zetsu. madara before he died gave me some of his chakra and memories and through a certain forbidden jutsu...gave me life. but theres still the problem of the rest of this body. i didnt originally have a body at all. you know whose it is right?
kakashi: you couldn't
tobi: how dare you call me a monster when you couldnt even save your friends? what kind of coward are you? you obito's last moments...he showed who he truly is. and as a trade off of latching onto his body, i gained his memories. it was some time after i discarded the old body i had facing your old mentor wasn't it...
kakashi: minato sensei?
just that moment, more zetsus break out of the ground including black zetsu. more than 100.
naruto: great more of them...and the black ones still here. hes really strong.
bee: didn't that mothafuka get killed?
black zetsu: idiot, i can't die. i am the land itself.
tobi: you completed your tasks at least, right?
black zetsu: no. the lord's guards got in my way. i had to retreat.
tobi: the war's already at its end....
he grips his fan.
tobi: i can't find any use for you anymore...shodai hokage.
black zetsu:
he slices black zetsu's head off.

text: the other madara's ruthless! next chapter: the ultimate final battle, and orochimaru's secret plan!

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