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Naruto 599 Prediction: Power of inner eight gates

Naruto 599 Prediction: Power of inner eight gates
The first scene shows Gai, who is emitting powerfull green energy which push away everyone, Tobi barerly can stand up, Naruto in bijuu mode is standing close to laying Kakashi. Naruto is little affected by power comming from Gai. Powerfull blows of winds occur around Gai creating whirls , and heat incomming from Gai cause earth to evaporate. As thounder clouds are creating in sky Gai lift his head reavling his furious eyes, Gai is sending powerfull killer intent and glare at Tobi. Tobi is little schocked and frozen, but he restore calm after moment
Naruto: Wow..., It power even exceed my kyuubi chakra shroud v1 and is little below my kyuubi chakra shroud v2..., amazing
Kurama: I am impressed as well for human to reach that power...
As Naruto release from thoughts, he turns to Kakashi
Naruto: Kakashi...., if I only could rescue you I would do it instant
<inner Naruto talks with Kurama begins>
Kurama: ...Naruto, you should use your regenerative ability with my chakra to accelerate healing process.
Naruto:?!, what?!, yes Why I didn't think about it, nevertheless. I can use your chakra to heal him, but why did you say my regenerative ability...
Kurama: sigh..., I will explain only once. Regenerative ability is your Uzumaki clan trait as well as Fujinjutsu powerfull chakra and strong life force which let you live longer. However let's return to topic, thanks to my chakra you can changes your regenaration in healing ability so you can heal others and my chakra accelerates this process as it worked all this time. Now when we cooperate you have acces to all my chakra so healing would even be stronger and faster...
Naruto: Wow, I knew about Fujinjutsu and strong life force but regeneration too. Amazing so that was as it worked, I am happy knowing more about mother but what about my father?!
Kurama: This is topic on other time, now hurry up or your sensei couldn't be rescued
Naruto: Right, thanks Kurama
<inner Naruto with Kurama talks finish>
The scene shows Naruto put his hands on Kakashi body and focus his chakra. Kakashi is barerly breathing but still alive. Naruto hands begins to glow in yellow light and healing Kakashi. Kakashi begins to restore energy, but he is weak. Gai is about to attack Tobi
Tobi: just come here fast and die...
The scene shows Gai disappearing in second and appearing before Tobi, Tobi become intangible when Gai try to punch Tobi but He pass through Tobi.
Gai: What?!, How?!, you couldn't be able to react to my speed
Tobi: Human speed can't be greater than what bijuu can grants, besides you are no sensor shinobi, you don't have sharingan or rinnengan as well so you can't control this speed.
Gai: Damn you!
The scene shows Gai speed blitizing around Tobi trying to punch or kick him, but Tobi is intangible all time. Naruto is healing Kakashi with Kurama help, Kakashi begins to restore consciousness
Tobi: It is useless, time works for you disadvantage, soon you will die and I will win.
Gai: NO!!, I WILL KILL YO ?!,<turns to see Naruto healing Kakashi> Impossible, Naruto can heal?!, nevertheles I have to stop Tobi right now besides<turns to see Gedo Mazou statue changing> I have to rescue this World even at cost of life.
Tobi: It isn't working, it is futile<thinking> Why he turns his head in Naruto direction,?!<notice yellow light covering Kakashi>Damn you Naruto you try to heal Kakashi<thinking> just die Gai...
Gai: Never!<thinking> I can't even attack him, I lost two miuntes now to get him, probably he can be in ghost mode for infinite amount of time, so I need to attack statue instead or I will die using last power without accomplishing anything.<thinking>
The scene shows Gai, who is charging at Tobi and suddenly he change direction and charge at Gedo Mazou statue which is covered by barrier. Gai begins to focus all his energy in last attack with pointing both hands at statue. Tobi become tangible and is confused by Gai act but after moment he realize that Gai is planing to destory Gedo Mazou statue. When Tobi begins to disappear, Gai release all green energy in last attack shouting
Gai: Mindnight Dragon!
Tobi: Damn,I have to get in time!
The scene shows Gai releasing all green energy from his hands wich take shape of asian dragon and fly at Barrier. Power of energy shaped in dragon form cause powerfull whirlwinds, shaking ground, even lightinings appear at sky. Dragon of green energy hit Uchiha fire barrier and begins to make it cracking, after few seconds destroying barrier completly. As Dragon destroy barrier, it is flying fruther at Gedo Mazou. When mindnight dragon is about to hit Gedo Mazou Tobi appear before dragon and use Preta Path to absorb this, but fast he realizes that this attack isn't made from chakra so Tobi use
Tobi: Chou Shinra Tensei!
The scene shows Powerfull repel schockwave comming from Tobi two hand which are open in Dragon technique direction. Chou Shinra Tensei and Dragon Mindnight attack both cancel each other, creating powerfull earthquake and even stronger schockwave which push everything and everyone away. Naruto catch Kakashi in last second and use Kyuubi arms to keep ground and protect himself and Kakashi. Gai is send flying as well as Tobi. As schockwave is about to dissappear Naruto release Kakashi, focus all his chakra in feet and rush at Tobi with light speed, who is catched by suprise after last attack. Tobi try to become intangible but he can't react in time and result is Naruto finally breaking mask in pieces and send Tobi flying in rocks.
Naruto: That right you masked bastard finally you left your guard!
Kurama: Idiot, don't celebrate just yet, you only destroyed his mask...
Naruto: That was great, but ok
Gai: he...., he...., ARGH!!!<thinking> shit I am feeling bad side effects of using eight gate. I am about to die, I have to come to Kakashi<thinking>
Kakashi: hehe..., exactly as your father, I only saw yellow flash...
The scene shows Naruto happy and little distracted. When Gai is comming to Kakashi, and fall on ground, Kakashi and Gai are looking happy and smilling at each other. Suddenly Tobi appear from ground where Kakashi and Gai are. Kakashi barerly restore little his health and chakra and Gai who just used eight gate, both unabled to react are pierced straight in heart by Tobi black rods comming from Tobi hands. Naruto notice him comming from ground but it is too late to do something. We see Tobi back view of panel , so he is in front of Kakashi and Gai with face , who are dying. In the same moment we see Alliance shinobi arived finally with rookies in front. Tobi is going underground lefting black rods impaled in Kakashi and Gai hearts. When Naruto is about to hit Tobi, he disappear completly in ground and appear close to Gedo Mazou statue, which have eight tails formed completly, nine tail is small and tenth tail is medium size on it's back with All Statue in chakra cloak while skin is all cracked and glows. It is emitting gigantic chakra which cause more frequently earthquake as well as very strong blows of winds which wipe out everything and everyone in its way, so you can't come to close
Kakashi dying<looks at Sakura>: Sakura... <turns head at Tobi>:?!
Sakura: Kakashi sensei!!
Gai dying<looks at his team, with stopping eyes on Lee for moment>: Lee...,Neji and tenten...<turns head at Tobi>:?!
Lee: Gai Sensei!
Neji: sensei...
Tenten: sensei!
Naruto: Who in the hell are you?!
The last scene shows someone flying over everyone heads as flash of light and land close to Tobi

What will happen next?!
Who did just arrive ?!

600 - Tobi identify finally revealed and mysterious man appear

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