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Naruto 598 Prediction: The masters will

Naruto 598 Prediction: The masters will
the ten tails is revived can kakshi guy and naruto still stop it?

Guy: That face...

kakashi: it can't be...

tobis face is still off paneled but his mask is gone.

tobi: surpised. well it doesn't matter the ten tails has been revived and you'll die here.

kakashi: who are you...

tobis face is shown no all thats there is an emtpy white space and his eye.

tobi: i told you i am no one!

naruto: he looks like that aloe vera guy!

Guy: kakashi its still not fully complete we still have a shot.

kakashi: your right all thats left is tobi.

Guy: naruto stay out of this, tell lee i'm sorry.

kakashi: naruto, you've long surpised me and even the fourth hokage i entrust the future to you, do what you can for sauske.

Tobi: its useless you've already lost the ten tails is only moments away from revival, and you will all be under my genjutsu...

naruto: ( something isn't right) wait kakashi sensei, thats not teh real tobi.

kakshi: what?

naruto: he's maniputaeing an aloe vera guy from his diminson thing this is a puppet.

kakahsi: he hans't used any of the paths abiltes just like the jinchuuriki weren't because he's to far out of range. i think naruto may be right guy.

naruto: leave finding this guy to me if i take him down the puppet will go down to!

guy: untill then we'll take care of this thing and the ten tails.

naruto: i'm off! *enters kyuubi chakra mode* i can sense his feelings he's in our world he's using the same path jutsu on the puppet as pain was.

naruto vanishs.

kakashi: ok guy lets do this its just apuppet so it won't matter if we go all out we'd be watseing chakra aim for teh mazo!

guy: ok

guy jumps into the air makes 3 shadow clones.

guy: 8th gate secert jutsu night time dragons roar

guy clones: 8th gate secert jutsu night time dragon flame breathe.

guy punchs teh air sending pressure towards tobi puppet and the others make firection in the air which makes fire it is carried by the wind presuusre. tobi phases though all of it kakashi uses kamui to make the attacks appear in front of teh mazo tobi gets in front of the mazo and teports them back to his diminson kakashi uses kamui once more sending the attacks at tobi there he goes fling into the mazo.

tobi: regardless of death you use your chakra you are fools.

kakashi: your the fool, don't under estimate the will of fire!

tobi: give up you and your comrades are doomed to die!

kakashi: i'd never abond my comrades that would make me worse then scum!

kakashi uses kamui in a similar way to tobi and appears right behind him grabing onto him while activing kamui once more on tobi to keep him in the same dimision.

kakashi: guy now!

guy: for lee for the youth i'll take this fake down now dawn cyoclopse .

guy delivers a series of punchs and kicks to tobi and ends it with a single punch to the enter of his face.

guy: now night time dragon!

tobi: don't be a fool the punch will kill you all you'll get by stoping me is teh puppet.

kakashi: your forgetting about bee while you were distracted on us he snuck around once your down the barrir goes down to.

the punch pierces tobi and kakashi though the heart.

tobi: you fools...

kakashi: guy *cough* we did it.

guy: the will of fire won't die because we did our job.

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