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Naruto 600 Prediction: Obito's Inheritance

Naruto 600 Prediction: Obito's Inheritance
Uchiha Ninja: "You have finally woken up"
Obito: "Where am I? I remember bolders and rocks falling!"
Uchiha Ninja: "You are safe. Zetsu here rescued you. His cells have been used to reconstruct the entire left half of your body which was smashed."
Obito: "Kakashi and Rin, where are they? Are they safe?"
Uchiha Ninja: "You have been in a comatose state for a while. That all happened 2 years ago. The 3rd Gread Ninja war is over, but Rin is dead, Kakashi was not able to protect her"
Obito: "WHAT! Rin? No but I gave him my Sharingan! How could he let her die!"

Obito clenches his fist and starts to shake. While thinking of the loss of Rin his Sharingan goes from 2 tomoe to 3 tomoe and then starts spinning rapidly as an arm of Zetsu gets warped away accidently while Obito activiates his Mangekyou Sharingan.

The Uchiha Ninja uses Susanoo and moves Obito off his feet.

Obito: "What chakra"

Obito calms down and stops warping objects in the room to the Kamui dimension

Obito: "How did you get that much power? Who are you?"
The Uchiha Ninja looks at Obito intently for a while, smiles and then deactivates Susanoo
Uchiha Ninja: "Because I am the brother of Uchiha Madara, I am your grandfather, Uchiha Izuna."

Obito: "You are my grandfather? And my grand uncle was one of the founders of Konoha? Then how is it that I was without a family? What happened to my father? And he believed you to be dead!"

Izuna: "My son Kagami. He was betrayed by the Uchiha, the very clan and village he loved. There is no hope left, only war and tears. To bring peace to the village and the Uchiha, Madara and I had a death match. The winner would fight Senju Harashima and settle all the disputes within Konoha"
Izuna: "My brother won and took my eyes to activate his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. He couldn't bear the thought of leaving my unconscious body without a set of eyes and implanted his eyes into me. He then went on to fight Hashirama. He lost but managed to gain some of Hashirama's power."

Izuna: "On the brink of death he came to me and did three things -

    He used a regeneration power to bring me back to consciousness
    He told me he had activiated the Rinnegan with my eyes and told me of a young brat with Uzumaki blood and a long lifetime that could keep the Rinnegan active until the time was right for a new plan for peace"
    He used the Rinnegan along with the first hokage's Mokuton and created Zetsu. With his last lifeforce he divided Zetsu into 2 halves and entrusted Zetsu to me

Obito: "And you have a plan for peace now?"
Izuna: "Indeed. I will cast it on the whole world. It is called The Moons Eye Plan, Infinite Tsukiyomi"

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