Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Naruto 600 Prediction: The truth

Naruto 600 Prediction: The truth
???: so you know orichimaru.

orocimaru: of course i do i did reserch on him and i knew he was still alive, after all its the curse put on him.

sasuke: curse?

orocimaru: he can't die.

???: yes after my father sealed the ten tails and i fought my brother a jutsu was cast on me by my younger brother eternal life i was my punishment from him.

orochimaru: and i've researched that imorrtaly jutsu i could only come up with a temporay thing.

???: so now i wish to pay back his desentts with the mugen tsukomi i will rule this world and the senju will suffer, madara uchiha was close to finishing this himself but hashirama gave teh tailed beats away so it toke years of planning but finally the ten tails is revived the senju will pay.

sauske: so since this guys lived for so long he know sthe truth?

orochimaru: sure, but i want his immotal body it is the only ermant solution and i've finally found him.

naruto: teaming up with you is the last thing i'd do!

sauske: naruto, we'll need his help.

naruto: we?

sauske: yes, i want to know everything before i kill you i must know i will fight this man along side you.

naruto* smiles* it'll be the first time in years yeah letsdo it.

???: prepare to die even with my death tehre is no way to stop the tentails!

naruto: don't under estimate the ninja world you old pile of crap!

next time an old duo fight together once more

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