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Naruto 599-601 prediction

  Naruto 599-601 prediction
Tobi: So, you finally managed to break my mask.
Kakashi: It can't be... you're... *panel showing Obito's face, most of which is black* Uchiha... Obito!
Naruto: You know him?
Kakashi: Yeah. He's the one who gave me my sharingan.
Guy: That's impossible! Wasn't most of his body crushed? No one could have survived that!
Naruto: *Attacks Tobi with a chakra arm*
Obito: (Naruto's shadow clone is still in the other dimension... I must be careful with my space-time technique... no matter, I still have the Rinnegan) *Absorbs Naruto's chakra arm with the preta path* Did you forget about my Rinnegan? You should know by now that chakra-based attacks are useless against me!
Kakashi: Wait a minute... how did you get that eye?
Naruto: At first I assumed that was the eye he was hiding all this time. Guess he must have taken it from Nagato. That bastard!
Kakashi: Obito... why.... how...
Obito: I told you, didn't I? I realized long ago that there's no hope left for this world. So, I will replace it with a never ending dream!
Kakashi: (is he really Obito? What if...)
Guy: Enough of your bullshit! 6th Gate, Open!

*Chapter ends*

Guy: *Charges at Obito* (He can absorb chakra based attacks, but he can't counter taijutsu)
Obito: How foolish. Shinra Tensei!
Guy: *Gets blasted 20m away*
Naruto: When I fought Pain, there was a five-second delay before he could use that repulsion technique again.
Kakashi: We'll have to aim for that delay.
Guy: 7th gate, open!
Naruto: Kage Bunshin no jutsu! *Sage mode Kage Bunshin charges at Obito*
Obito: Shinra tensei!
*Naruto's Sage Mode Kage Bunshin hits a tree and disappears*
Guy: Hirudora!
Obito: Shit! *slips through Hirudora*

*in the other dimension*
Naruto's clone: *Charges at Obito with a rasengan*
Obito: You took me by surprise last time. It won't happen again. Shinra Tensei!
*Naruto's clone disappears*
*Obito disappears from the alternate dimension*

Obito: Nice try, but in the end it was futi-
Guy (from behind Obito): HIRUDORA!

*end of chapter*
Obito: *gets hit by Hirudora from behind, and gets sent flying away. Slips through a tree before landing on the ground. His left arm is destroyed. Stands up as left arm begins to recover* Not bad. To think you'd damage me this much.
Kakashi: So, you're not Obito.
*panel showing Obito's face, partially melted.*
Guy: Orochimaru's technique? How in the world...
Hachibi: There was one other who could use the technique.
*Kurama takes control of Naruto*
Kurama: So, you're alive...
Kakashi: What? You know who he is?
Hachibi: Yeah...
Tobi: Guess there's no use hiding it any more. *Begins to peel Obito's face off*
Kurama: He is... *new panel showing Tobi's face* the Elder Son of the sage of the six paths.

*end of chapter*

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