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Naruto 597 prediction: The truth

Naruto 597 prediction: The truth
Tobi: * Kakashi... you have out done yourself this time.*
Guy: Now is the time to counter attack. Everyone, attack at once and let Kakashi do his thing.
Naruto: Right.
Kakashi: Wait! It is true that we injured him but I feel troubled.
Tobi: heh.. heh.. heh.. Kakashi and friends, this is as far as you will get. The only one ever to have injured me before was Minato. But now the Jyuubi is back. How will you insects fare now.
Bee: Dont get cocky you fool...

Bee attacks with a Hachibi tentacle but is caught by the Jyuubi. It then hurls Bee several metres away.

Naruto: Uncle Bee...
Kakashi: I see... I know whose body that is.
Tobi: ...
Guy: Kakashi, Who is it??

Elsewhere, Sasuke and Orochimaru arrive at the old Uchiha graveyard. They are standing in front of Fugaku's grave.

Oro: hehehehe... are you sure you want to go through with this Sasuke? Maybe I am not one to talk but do you think you can dig up your father's grave?
Sasuke: Of course. I need to know the truth.
Oro: hahahahaha... said without hesitation. I have taught you well.
Sasuke: *gives a piercing stare at Orochimaru*
Oro: *Takes his tongue out and hisses like a snake as well as licks his face*

Few minutes later, Oro uses Edo Tensei to revive Fugaku.

Fugaku: It seems I am alive. Whats this, Orochimaru and ... Sasuke!
Sasuke: Dad...
Fugaku: I see... where is Itachi?
Sasuke: He is dead.
Fugaku: ... you killed him then. You know, he only killed us because he decided to side with the...
Sasuke: Dad, I know all that. But tell me the truth... were the Uchiha behind the ninetails attack years ago??

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