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Madara's true ambitions and plan (and predictions for future chapters)

Madara's Personality and how it's important

We all should know by know that Madara is an arrogant, confident, conniving and hateful person. Everything he has done throughout his life he has done to achieve power, fighting Hashirama at VOTE for his cells, fighting the Senju to become the dominant clan, and rebelling in Konoha because he thought the Uchiha's were being suppressed and shunted.

Why is this important?

If you look at what seems to be going on as of now, it seems that both Madara and (we'll label him) Obito are both acting to achieve the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Eye of the Moon plan.

Something with this just does not add up, why would Madara Uchiha, want to put the world under an eternal illusion? It offers no benefit to him or his personal wants / beliefs, and seems like the perfect thing to lure Obito from his sanity.

How did he lure him from sanity?

This is the part which I think is the key to it all, and what gives us a good idea of what will happen next. I don't know why he did, but Madara Uchiha chose Obito, maybe because he was an easy target (death bed, generally weak etc) or maybe he saw potential, knew his MS abilities or realized he was easy to manipulate. Let's just go with the decision that Madara had a logical reason to pick Obito.

Now, he needs Obito to carry on his plan, and revive him when "the time" comes (We get confirmation when Madara questions Obito about Nagato not using Rinne Tensei to revive him). For Obito to actually follow a plan of his, and go through the trouble of reviving him, Madara needed a way to keep Obito loyal to the cause, what's a good way of doing this? Twisting his mind to hold the ideals Madara puts on show, albeit they (imo) are not his real ones.

The way I think he did this, is by killing Rin. Rin's death remains a mystery to us all, both in time and what happened to her. Let's think about this, Madara was there to save Obito, and so presumably saw Rin, and knew how dear she was to him (if he was there whilst Obito was saying 'goodbye') An easy way to mentally scar Obito is to kill Rin, it makes sense, Obito would never blame the man who saved him, and if guided by that very man to believe this reality is disgusting whilst in this state, it's not ridiculous to predict that Madara could bend Obito to his 'showcase' will

What is Madara's real ambition?

It's not far fetched to say Madara wishes to be the host of the ten tails. The ten tails fits in with his fake plot with Obito as well, so Obito would be non the wiser when Madara is trying to tame the ten tails.

What does this mean, and what will happen in future?

This means that Obito believes he and Madara are both working towards the same goal, but if Madara is actually deceiving him, then Obito will sooner or later find out. This will have cataclysmic effects for both Madara and Obito.

Madara is not stupid enough to let it slip by Obito, so we can safely assume that Madara will act first. Saying that, it is also fair to assume that once Madara thinks he has the ten tails tamed, he may well boast of the fact that he has deceived Obito all this time, or he may even opt to kill him without telling him.

How I think it'll pan out

My prediction is that Madara will boast about his scheme before taming the ten tails, as in my opinion this is more like him. This will undoubtedly leave Obito in a state of pure shock, and he'll be vulnerable to attack, his life and rin flashing before his eyes.

This is where Madara goes to kill Obito, the only one with the power to oppose Madara. Obito will say something about his life being worthless, and either Naruto or Kakashi will save Obito, taking a seemingly fatal hit (it won't be if it's Naruto, it may be if it's Kakashi) Obito will be shocked at the action, and protest why they did it, even after everything he has done in life.

If Naruto takes the hit, Naruto will explain that it doesn't matter about history, no one should feel alone, etcetc

If Kakashi takes the hit, he'll explain how Obito was always his best friend, and comrade, and quote him saying;

"It's true that those who do not follow rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum"

Finally, Obito will cry and come to the realization that Kakashi and Naruto are right, and he has been played, just as he played Nagato. Madara will laugh at the situation, and then the shit storm of Obito and Kakashi will rain down as well as the full power of the 9 tails and Naruto

Kakashi and Obito will fight for Rin, and Obito may well end up dying to save Kakashi, and Kakashi and Naruto finishing the job

Or Obito killing Madara himself

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