Saturday, 8 September 2012

Naruto 601 Prediction: Betrayal

Naruto 601 Prediction: Betrayal 
Madara: It seems you're having fun here, obito...

Obito: ?!

Kakashi: that Uchiha Madara?!!

Gai: That's not possible the edo tensei was released right?!

Naruto: You..what did you do with the kages!

Madara: They're already taken care of, you should worry about yourself...

*Madara stares at Naruto*

Madara: So you're the kyuubi's host huh.. it seems you got full control over him, too bad i'm gonna take him back to where he belongs.

Kurama: You will never control me again Uchiha Madara i will destroy you!

* Naruto charges Madara at full speed *

Madara: Silly kyuubi you haven't learned youre lesson have you?

* Madara pulls his hand in front of Naruto right when he wants to punch *

Madara: Shinra Tensei!

Naruto: ( This is way more powerfull then the one Nagato used on me! )

* Naruto tries to use his tails to absorb the force of the attack but fails *

Kakashi: Naruto!

* Obito appears behind him *

Obito: Even with my eye you still have the same blindspot as back then!

* Katon gouryoka no jutsu! *

Kakashi: (Obito..i'm so-)

* Gai pushes kakashi away and gets absorbed in the flames *

Kakashi: GAI NOO!!!

Obito: See how it feels kakashi?! that's the second comrade you've killed..

Kakashi: No..Gai..Obito..YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!

-Chapter ends with Kakashi opening his gates and charging Obito.

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