Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Naruto 602 Prediction: A Young Uchiha

Naruto 602 Prediction: A Young Uchiha
Obito: "Sh-Sharingan?!" "Who are you?"
Madara: "I am Uchiha Madara"
Obito: "!!"

*Madara prepares to fight Naruto and Bee*

Kakashi: "What happened to you, Obito...?"

*Flashback continues*

Obito: "What happened? Where am I?"
Madara: "It seems you can't remember yet... Rest for a while and I'll tell you everything..."

*Few hours pass*
*Obito wakes up*

Obito: "Kakashi and Rin! Where are they? Are they ok?"
Madara: "Good you woke up. Your comrades? They should be ok. At least I didn't see their corpses when I picked you up"

Obito: "Where am I? Who are you?"
Madara: "I said I am Uchiha Madara. And this would be my hideout"
Obito: "Impossible, he is dead!"
Madara: "Not quite yet"

*Zetsu emerges from the ground*

Zetsu: "They boy should be able to stand in a week. My DNA, well your and Hashirama's are very effective"
Obito thinking: "His DNA? Hashirama's DNA?!"

Madara: "Easy, you'll be ok"
Zetsu: "He passed out.."

Zetsu: "Will this boy help us to reach our goal?"
Madara: "Definitely. Go check on Nagato and see how he is doing. He is another pawn that needs to live"

*Zetsu leaves*

*Scene changes*

Sasuke: "Are we close?"
Orochimaru: "Yes. You should notice soon"

*Chapter ends*

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