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Naruto 601 Prediction: The Power if Words

Naruto 601 Prediction: The Power if Words
We see Naruto's face, " where are the 5 Kage? What happened to them?"

Madara, "i don't have to answer any of your questions boy. I am simply here to get what is mine, the Kyubi."

Naruto, "If something happened to them i will never forgive you!"

Madara looks directly at Naruto.

Kurama, {Careful of those eyes Naruto}

Madara, "i don't need your forgiveness, words are nothing only actions show true intentions."

Suddenly Naruto is right there with, "Rasengan!"

We see Madara go back and the Mokuton start to react.*

Madara, {this boy has grown in power even from the last time we meet, able to disrupt Hashirama's wood element within me! Must gain control!}

Obito steps in front of Naruto, "i have told you already who your opponent is. It is your destiny."

Naruto, " i already proved to one person that we make our own destiny. I will deal with Sasuke my own way."

Kakashi, "Obito, I am your opponent, not Naruto."

Gai, " how can a comrade of ours become this?!"

Madara standing up, "simple, loss. He lost his body, his comrades his village his love. He was tired of the pain, so I assured him if he followed me we would find a way."

Kakashi, " who attacked the village, who tried to steel the Kyubi, it couldn't have been you Obito?!"

Madara, " Zetsu, he copied my body and chakra but his SG. He was merely supposed to bring the fox back to me, at that time I still just wanted vengeance."

Naruto, " you monster, that was your village too, you helped build it. Then you come back to destroy it. Have you no sense of loyalty, friendship?!"

Obito is staring at Kakashi.

Madara, " those things are more words, that mean nothing. I learned those and i had to teach Obito as well."

Obito, {teach me?}

Madara glances at Obito, " yes, when I found him he was still loyal and could only focus on getting better to get back to his team, his friends. "

We see a flash back of a wounded Obito trying to stand but fall.

That one person in particular that kept his focus.

We see...

Kakashi, "Rin."

Madara, " Zetsu took that focus away. Then it was easy to train him and he saw what u saw in this world."

Obito, " you ordered Zetsu to kill....Rin?!"

Kakashi, " She knew Obito, she just wanted you to tell her yourself."

Obito is angered looking at Madara, " all this time I could have went back and learned the truth, but you manipulated me, used me. I guess i deserve it, now. But not then I was innocent, now i have innocent blood on my hands! Because if you!"

Madara, "i made you a better ninja. besides you wouldnt have lived this long if you went back to the leaf you were a loser."

Naruto, " what did you say? Well if thats how you feel, let me show you what a loser can do!"

Scene change.

We see Sasuke and the others atop the Hokage mountain.

Sasuke, " why are we here?"

Orochimaru, " what better place boy?"

Sasuke turns to the other two, " just stand watch and stay out of the way if you must keep following me."

Orochimaru pulls out the scroll, does multi shadow clone jutsu to produce three clones and then cuts himself. He uses the blood to mark on the scroll.

Oro, "Secret technique: Death God possession jutsu!"

Suddenly he and rhe clones drop ther heads, slowly they raise them and each one looks at their hands an body.

Original Oro, " Orochimaru, what have you done, what have u done you foul snake?!"

1st clone, " Orochimaru, is that the owner of this body?"

Sasuke, "what is going on here?"

Just then sand begins to ruse and cover then, changing their appearance.

Now we see.

Suigetsu yells, " hey those are the guys on the mountain!"

The first thru Fourth Hokage standing before Sasuke.

Sasuke, " I know you have questions but that is not why you are here, you are here because I have some questions."

Minato, " this is not Edo Tensei, this jutsu brings us out of the death God, but it is only temporary."

Tobirama, "yes, i cam feel our chakra as if it is going elsewhere, hmmm interesting."

Hurizen, "Sasuke, what is you want child?"

Sasuke Uchiha, " I want vengeance, but it isn't so clear as it used to be. First i wanted it against my brother because he took my family and clan away from me."

Hashirama, " the Uchiha are gone? How sad for you child."

Sasuke, "I have four questions they are..."

Hashirama face - "what started the *Hatred for the Uchiha?"

Tobirama face- "how far does a brothers love really go?"

Hurizen face- "How does one destroy an entire clan but save one child?"

Minato face- "why is Naruto so strong?"

Hashirama, " well it seems that the bodies we are in are not under our control, i guess that is good thing for the caster. He is probably allowing us time to answer this young man's questions."

Hurizen, "then let us get this over with. *Sasuke your clan was destroyed, yes. But not by one person and not the way you think."

He claps his hands together and suddenly they are all standing in the past.

Night of the massacre.

We see Danzo walking then he ia suddenly surrounded my earth element up to his elbows.

Hurizen, "why did you order Itachi to do this? Did you think I would not find out?! The Uchiha clan is the only founding clan left, they are large and strong, they are family!"

Danzo, " I am protecting the Leaf, something you should be doing."

Later we see Hurizen talking with Fugaku.

3rd, "we know your planning a coup, i wantes a peaceful solution. It is out of my hand now for you an your followers. But i have a way to save the ones that do not follow you and they must NOT have awaken their SG yet."

Later after we see Sasuke and "Tobi" leave, a group of Uchiha discard their clam symbol and escape into the night.


Sasuke, " where did they go?!"

Hurizen, " felt it was best I did not know. I am sorry I never wanted this..."

Sasuke, "I know."

Hashirama, " konoha never hated Madara ir any other Uchiha, we only wanted peace."

He dies another genjustu showing the past.

We see Madara in a black with read trim Hokage outfit.

Hashi is behind him in his Kage garb,
"looks pretty good to me, what do you think?"

Madara, "I think it is stupid, there can only be one ruler! *You are playing me the fool Hashirama."

Hashi, " not at all you are my equal in everyway, we both founded this village. We will not rule over it but guide it as a father does for his family. We are not warring clans anymore, we are a village."

Madara, "words, you and your words. We need to protect ourselves and this village!"

Hashi, " exactly, that is why your clan is the only members of the police force. *Who better to keep order and keep the Will of fire safe?"

Madara takes off the kage robe and throws it down. As he storms off, " you be ruler by your self HoKage!" [means Fire shadow]

Hashi, "hmmm"

Some time later we see Hashi walking with his wife.*

Suddenly we see Madara appear on top of the Kyubi. It's appearance devastated *the land.

Hashirama use mokuton and pulls out summoning scrolls, "what has gotten into you Madara?!"

Mito, " why have you released to fix upon us?!"

We see Hashirama fighting he captures the 9 tail in a huge jungke of mokuton wrapped around it,while fending of madara.

Miito runs up to it barely taller than its nose, "I will handle the beast from here, go take care of madara!"

We see her sealing the fox within herself.


Sasuke, " I see."

Tobirama, " wow they had pretty cool answers well i was just gonna say a few words but I guess i will make cool too!"

Flash back genjutsu.

We see Tobirama using Edo Tensei with tears in his eyes but a straight face.

A coffin appears and Hashi walks out.

Tobirama, "brother it worked! Your back and you never have to leave again."

Hashirama, " what have you done little brother? What is this jutsu, it is an abomination!"

Tobirama, " but I made this just to bring you back, you can stay Hokage forever, you don't have to die!"

Hashirama, " dear brother, it is good to see you again, but you should never use this jutsu on anyone you care about. You ripped me from the pure world, no pain no anger it was bliss. I love you brother( he hugs him) but send me back, please."

Tobirama, "i could make you do what i want. Control you, but I would never do that to you, I'm sorry brother i was being selfish. Forgive me."

Hashi smiles, " always, take care of the Will of Fire."

He releases he justu.

*Tobirama, " hmmm, i have an idea for this jutsu and another one."

We later see him using it on the battle field controlling enemies making them use the Death God jutsu when done.

Then we see him resurrected with Edo *Tensei and sealed with Death God.


Tobirama, " i created a forbidden jutsu because i loved my brother so much i couldn't ket him go, then used it along with another against people. In the end i got what I deserved but my jutsu ended up trapping my brother and my student."

He holds his head down but Hashi and Hurizen put their hands on his left and right shoulder.*
Sasuke, "you, you were married to an Uzumaki just like the first right? There is an knuckle head Uzumaki i need to deal with."

Minato looks and laughs, "that wouldn't be Naruto Uzumaki would it? My son causing you trouble? I take it you two were friends as well, but now he is trying to steer you from this path you are on."

Sasuke, " you are a genius as they have said, so why is he so strong, why does he always Seem to keep getting stronger?"

Minato, " beaides being my son, he is an Uzumaki."

He Is right in front of Sasuke, " which means there is no jutsu or force that can ever hope to stop him. His body reacts in a way to learn jutsu not his mind. That is an Uzumaki trait, if he puts determination into anything he can do it. His mind works differently I can assume, you may even think he is dim but when in a fight he will always be steps ahead of you."

Sasuke, " i see, but why doesn't he give up? On me."

Minato slightly smiles, " because we don't give up on people we love. That is NOT our way."

Tobirama, " what is Madara Uchiha doing here?!"

Hashirama, " are you sure, how close is he?!"

Tobirama, " he is pretty far, but..."

Sasuke, " what are you doing? Orochimaru is in control of you!"

Hurizen, " Orochimaru doesnt seem himself, he has been subdued, temporarily."

Sasuke, " what are you gonna do?"

Scene switch.

Bee is lying motionless with his swords scattered.

We see Naruto restrained with large mokuton as well as the others the battle ground looks even worse.

Madara, " now to take my prize."

Suddenly a huge wave comes crashing in. After the water leaves everyone is free and the Kages an Hawk are standing with Naruto and the others.

Minato puts his hand on Naruto's shoulder, "Naruto Uzumaki *I presume?"

Kakashi, "sensei, all the Hokages?! How?"

Hurizen, " no time to explain we just cane to tell you don't give up and protect the Will of Fire."

Hahirama, " defeat Madara Uchiha at all costs, for good this time!"

Tobirama, " always with rhe cool stuff, well...stay away from
Forbidden jutsu."

He points at Edo-Madara.

"see no good can come from it."

Minato, "i am proud if you son. Wait, you used the key? So we have spoen before in a way huh? Well i am sorry for the brief talks but you understand, right?"

Naruto with a slight tear in his left eye " yea sir."

Minato, " you unlocked the seal, did *you learn about the second seal?"

Suddenly Orochimaru breaks free through he rest.

Orochimaru, " no, if you do that..."

Kakashi and guy stop the Oro from getting thru.

Minato, "i sealed the other half inside me, but it's chakra so it can flow in and out if this death seal."

He places his hand onto Naruto's seal.

Inside we see *Kurama, " can it be possible?"

Minato, "I think you big enough to handle this now, seal to seal transfer!"
A huge light erupts, then vanishes.

All the Kages are gone.

Sasuke, {the air is thick with chakra *from him.} "now what?"

Orochimaru from behind Edo Madara, as he is putting a Kunai in his head, " now I win!"

The Ten takes roars, it is complete.

Suigetsu, " we are screwed."

Next: Old power returns and hidden power discovered.

"The End of the Beginning"

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