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Naruto 600 Prediction: Definite name

Naruto 600 Prediction: Definite name
Tobi: Obito..... So that really was his name, huh?
Kakashi: "Was"? What do you mean?
Tobi: You see Kakashi, I am not "Obito". But I guess, it's time to reveal my true identity to you. *His Sharingan starts spinning*

==They're all caught in a Genjutsu. Scene shows the back of a man and who seems to be Zetsu, at Obito's corpse/boulder.==

Zetsu: He's an Uchiha, one of your clan's.
Man: Good, check if he still has his Sharingan, it could be of good use.
Zetsu: Sure. *He touches the ground*. It seems that it's still there, you want me to get it?
Man: Get the whole body, Madara's body is getting fragile and old. It's time that I use Orochimaru's Living Corpse Technique. Madara's EMS should be in very good use for this ceremony.
Zetsu: Yes, I'll be in good use to repairing it too you know.
Man: Just do what means to get that body working again.

==Scene changes to Tobi's Sharingan laboratory, with Obito's corpse laying on the table, and the man, shown wearing a simple orange mask with two eye holes, looking at his body.==

Man: Zetsu's done pretty good with this body. Now, for the ceremony!
*The man touches Obito's repaired face, then the page ends with a black window.*

==Scene shows Obito, now standing and talking to Zetsu.==

Man/Obito: This body is good, better than Madara's, actually. And the empty eye hole was a good thing, I was able to put Madara's EMS in it.
Zetsu: Congratulations on the successful ceremony, Izuna.
Izuna: I told you not to speak of my name so harshly!
Zetsu: Sorry, you're not my master, you know. Now what do we do next?
Izuna: Get rid of Madara's body, put it in a place that Orochimaru will never know. He's a sneaky guy, if he gets hold of that body, he can use it against us. Now what did you say this boy's name was?
Zetsu: Obito Uchiha.
Izuna: Very well, from this point onward, I will go under the name "Tobi".
Zetsu: "Tobi". Good choice, now, shall we begin the meeting?
Izuna: Yes, call them to the Gedo Statue, we shall begin our plan!

==Scene changes to the Gedo Statue, with Pain, Konan, Zetsu, Kisame and Tobi/Izuna==

Izuna: We still need 5 people to accommodate our plans. I have 3 persons in my list who are potentials for our organization. Kakuzu of the Waterfalls, Orochimaru of the Leaf and Sasori of the Sand. Go, and recruit them, we shall need their service, the remaining two spots will be dealt with later.
All of them: Yes!
Izuna: And, before I forget, my identity, shall never be revealed to them.
All: Understood!

==Next pages shows Tobi's fight with Minato, his meeting with Itachi and his first introduction in the series. Then the Genjutsu finishes.==

Tobi/Izuna: Now that you all know my true identity, it's time that we finish this!
Naruto: You bastard!
Naruto: *Shocked look, he becomes normal* Gaagghh..
Kakashi, Gai and Bee: Naruto! *Shocked*
Tobi: *Teleports 2 swords and holds them in his hands, then rushes forward.*

==As Tobi is about to slice Naruto in three, a silhouette of a man stops him by punching his stomach, Tobi is blown meters away. The man is revealed to be Madara.==

Madara: You were always irresponsible, brother! You let other men get their hands on my eyes and body!
Tobi/Izuna: That is not important now, older brother! We shall finish them together!
Madara: You know me very well, than any other man or woman in this world, Izuna. You know what I can do when I'm angry.
Tobi/Izuna: Hmp! If you want to teach me a lesson, then let's see!

==Last page shows Madara and Tobi/Izuna both on a fighting stance, next chapter, we'll see them in action! END==

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