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Naruto 604 prediction: Twist of Fate

Naruto 604 prediction: Twist of Fate
As Obito grips his fist into a ball, we see him break through the wall he attempted to smash the first time. Obito: I broke it!? Plant Clone: No We BrOkE iT! Obito: Oh yes I am sorry! I just got so excited! You guys are strong! PC: No we will only get stronger from this point on. Your friendsare beyond this cliff, and they are terribly outnumbered. Obito (thinking) Sensei where are you? I have to make it in time. I have to let themknow...I am ALIVE!

As Obito rushes through the forest, the scene is switched to Kakashi and Rin. Who are back to back and surrounded on all sides. Kakashi: (in thought) Rin isn't much help here. Being a kunochi, her medical training doesn't help me in this scenario. Her skill set is limited. Rin! Do you have any smoke bombs left? Paper Bombs? Rin: I have two shurikens left, one smoke bomb...nothing else I am sorry Kakashi. Kakashi:Use the smoke bomb now RIN! Rin throws down the smoke bomb in front of an array of about eight mist shinobi.The grey smoke covers the entire area. Their vision blinded, Kakashi runs off in a clear path with Rin in his possession. Rin:I am sorry to be a burden Kakashi! I know you made a promise but don't sacrifice yourself. Kakashi: What would I be if I let you die to save my own skin? That is a cowards way! Don't talk you will bite your tongue! We can hide here untilwe shake them (whispering). I will take out as many of them as possibly with Chidori! Rin: NO! It is not safe enough for you to venture out! You will be killed! I couldn't bear it! Kakashi: We are out of options!

Kakashi runs out blindly, he comes across three enemies at top speed. As Kakashi maneuvers through their attacks he pierces them all with hislightning blade. Another ninja comes in behind Kakashi attempting to attack him with his kunai, Kakashi turns his head to spot the threat in the last second. As he ducks, the ninja cuts off Kakashi's eye patch. The ninja spots Kakashi's sharginan. Mist Ninja: Copy cat Ninja! Kakashi: You should of left us alone! Kakashi turns and twists his foes wrist killing him with his own Kunai. Kakashi: That leaves four left. As he darts off we see two approaching mist shinobi. Voice: I should cut them down myself. Shave off some of their yellow skin! Mist ninja: Captain! They have killed four of our scouts. Zabuza: I will gut the idiot who would dare cross the Hidden Mist! Sink my teeth deep into them before I rip them to shreds! SCATTER! The men take off in different directions.

We finally see Obito hiding amongst a tree. Obito: I can't just sit here and hide! Rin could be in danger! PC: NO! She still lives I can sense her chakra sitting still. Obito: I AM COMING RIN! He jumps down from the towering tree. As he lands he spots a shinobi looking around. Mist Ninja: I am picking up another person. Looks like they separated. We are now looking for two people pass it along! Obito: They know about RIN! I have to hurry! PC: I will help, just think about using my earth release and you will be able to do so. Obito: First off lets get the messenger! Obito chases behind the ninja who is tracking Rin. Obito's arm stretches all the way out thirty or so feet. As it grabs the ninja he forms a venus fly trap mouth and engulfs the foe. As the mouthsucks in it's prey, the arm sheds itself and drops him in agonizing pain on the ground. Obito: Let's move, as they take off the arm grows back fully.Obito: Do we both heal like this? PC: In time yourown body will be able to take damage and our regenerative properties thanks to the Shodai arelimitless. PC: QuIeT! SoMeOnE iS aPpRoAcHiNg! They phase underground, as the ninja walks forward Obito grabs his foot and trips him. (ZUZUZUZU) Obito phases back to the surface and the Plant Clone suffocates the ninja into a cold sleep.

Obito: You are pretty stealthy! PC: WE TOLD YOU WE WERE SMARTER!

Obito punches himself in the stomach! Obito: Ooof! PC: DUH DUMBASS OF COURSE IT WOULD HURT YOU AS WELL!

Suddenly they run into another mist Ninja, Obito (shocked face!). As Obito comes to a stop, PC: USE IT! Obito: Grand Fireball jutsu! Mist shinobi: YEAH RIGHT RUNT! Water style Cruising wave! Hecreates a running wave that quickly washes away the fireball. Mist Ninja: I am a Jounin! I won't be done in by a jutsu of that caliber! Obito:Well let me try again! (Grimm face) Obito phasesunderground. MNinja: WHERE DID YOU GO! YOU CAN'T RUN OR HIDE FROM ME! I AM GONNA KILL ALL YOU LEAF NINS! Suddenly a bare hand comesup from the ground pulling the Mist Ninja deep into the earth. Obito: Pulls his head to the top and kicks him in the face knocking him out cold. Obito: You talk too much...

Scene switch

Zabuza: Something is not right here....we need to request for back up. We have to secure this area! Suddenly a ninja drops in. Zabuza san we are down to just the two of us. Zabuza: I am aware of that you chicken shit! Call in the retreat, our enemy is unknown and this covered area does our ninjas zero good. Before I go though I want to try one more time to get my blade bloody... Zabuza runs off into the brush. Kakashi is watching from afar, Kakashi: So they have ordered their retreat? Why does this sole ninja head into the fray? Anyway we will have a better chance getting out of here now. He turns back and runs in the direction of Rin. Obito: I NEED YOU TO FIND RIN RIGHT NOW! PClone: She is straight ahead about sixty yards! Obito lunges toward his secret love. He finds Zabuza nearing Rin's location. Obito lands before his foe. Zabuza: You are not a leaf ninja!? Who are you? Obito: STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!! Zabuza: So you must be here for the other shinobi my scout found. Don't worry we will send her back to a casket. As Zabuza comes in to strike Obito, we see a flare within the young Uchihas pupil. Zabuza: HE WIELDS THE SHARINGAN! Obito has unlocked the three tomoed sharingan. As Zabuza attempts to slash Obito with his sword, Obito side steps allowing the mist ninja into his space. Obito uppercuts Zabuza knocking him up in the air. Zabuza: YOU'RE MINE! Hidden Water Prison Technique! The Zabuza we see rising into the air quickly turns into water. The falling liquid swallows Obito! Zabuza: You cannot move from your cage.I will finish you off but not after I make you watch your friend die! (Obito laughs) Obito: My friend just told me a secret...He can use water and earth techniques...NOT THAT I NEED THEM! Obito phases through the water orb. He looks upon Zabuza with a viscous face. Zabuza: WHAT ARE YOU SOME KIND OF MONSTER!? Obito: NO! I am not your foe! I just want to protect my friends! Leave if your life matters to you! Zabuza: You leaf ninjas are too compassionate! Though if you change your mind...I want you to think of me.(He smiles) (As he throws a number of exploding tags toward Obito's face) Obito:


To Be Continued

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