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Naruto 600 Prediction: Death of Obito Uchiha

Naruto 600 Prediction: Death of Obito Uchiha
The first scene shows Tobi standing in front of Naruto, Kakashi,Gai and Killer bee as Tobi's face is revealed. Tobi is glancing at them with furious face
Kakashi:*He looks completly like Obito, could he be him?*
Kakashi: Are you Obito?!
Naruto turns head to Kakashi: Obito, you mean your teammate when you was trained under Minato, My father.
Kakashi: That right.
Gai: so you are him.
Killer bee:...
Kakashi even more depressed: Are you Obito?!
Naruto: Bastard, answer Kakashi sensei now!
Tobi: Shut up, Naruto.
Tobi is looking at Kakashi: For your question, I am not Obito Uchiha*breaths* I am Tobi Uchiha, this is real my name.
The second scene shows everyone is confused at Tobi statement
Kakashi: What the hell do you mean?!
Gai: I didn't hear someone of tobi name...
Tobi: even if you heard gai you could still forget his name and face.
Killer bee: who the fuck are you?!
Kakashi begin to loose cool: you look like Obito!, you know about me!, you...
Tobi: Shut up, Kakashi <Looks at Gedo Mazou transforming>
Tobi: *I should get more time, for jyuubi to be revived*
Tobi turns his head to them: Very well, I will tell you my story then.
Flashback begins
The scene shows Obito is completly crushed by rocks. Sun is still visible at sky as Obito face is iluminated by light.
Obito: *I will die soon, I want to enjoy my last moment*
Obito:* The world is so beautifull, if I survived I could go with them.... *
The scene shows sun little visible as little rays of sunshines fall at Obito face.
*Sounds of Ninja reinforcments comming closer and closer*
Obito: *death is comming for me...*
*Suddenly sounds of Ninja comming are dissappearing*
Obito:?! *What did just happen there..., nevertheles my time is up*
The scene shows Obito half face covered in darkness as second half is crushed by rock .
picture of Kakashi, Rin and fourth hokage Minato together *Obito smiles in background*

The scene changes completly to some labolatory in cave. In labolatory is operating table with two people. One is standing in darkness while other is laying on operating table.
mysterious boy opening his eyes slowly: Where am I, is it death?
mysterious man in darkness: You are safe in my labolatory, and you are not dead
mysterious boy lift his upper body: how this can be?!
mysterious man: you was left by your sensei and your friends. I saved you and give new life.
mysterious boy: by my sensei and my friends,?! *he reminds himself about dying last moments*, I see...*He looks at his body* but how can I be alive and has my body back.
mysterious man: that was my power, I fixed your body young boy with my friend who I created.
mysterious boy: your power?!, *He told me true, my body is fine, but weird*, you have power of creation?!
mysterious man: That right, What was your name boy?!
mysterious boy: O...Obito Uchiha. What your name sir?!
mysterious man as he come closer and closer reavling himself from darkness: heh..., right boy..., I am Uchiha Izuna!
Obito: legendary brother of Uchiha Madara, the greatest Uchiha Leader, but it is impossible for you to be alive?!
Izuna: You are right boy..., I was ressurected by my brother Uchiha Madara with Rinne Tensei.which I will tell when time will be right. Now prepare to go with me and take revenge for Konoha!
Obito: What?!!, you are joking, right?!,I am not evil as you was and your brother, I am going back to Konoha to my friends and sensei.
Izuna: ungrateful boy, huh.*He appears before Obito and catch him by clothes, lifting him * You don't have right to judge me and my brother, boy! *Izuna let Obito fall down on ground* You don't know anything, right?!
Obito: What do you mean?!
Izuna: Go with me, Obito... and I will show you.
Obito stand up: I don't understand but let's go...
The scene changes to Konoha. We see monumental stone of heroes. Kakashi is standing before stone. Izuna appear from swirl with Obito
Obito:?!, Kaka?! *Izuna catches Obito for hand*
Izuna: Do really want to go and meet him?!
Obito: Yes, I want, He is my friend why I shouldn;t go?!
Izuna: tsk *sharingan!*
The scene changes to Obito appear in Izuna genjutsu. Izuna appear as well and walk to Obito.
Obito: genjutsu?!, so this is your way to show me something!
Izuna: Shut up, Obito-kun and close your eyes.
Obito *closes eyes*: whatever...
The scene changes to one battle after Obito died. Kakashi and Rin are running through forest at twilight.
The scene shows Kakashi with sharingan and Rin fighting with earth soldiers, Minato Namikaze is nowehere to be found.
The scene shows Rin pierced by earth shinobi straight in heart. Kakashi turns his head to to see Rin pierced.
The scene shows Kakashi being surround by many Ninja, so he can't pass through these Ninja, while Rin coughs blood and is dying.
The scene shows Rin is dead.

Obito: NO!!!!!!, STOP THIS!
Izuna*stops genjutsu*: alright
Obito is heavily breathing: hu...., he...
The scene shows Obito and Izuna back standing on hill, while Kakashi is standing before Stone monument.
Obito: Why?!, She can't be dead?!, *looks at Izuna*
Izuna: I don't want to lie to you, yes she is dead afterall.
Obito begin to be more and more desperate: How could it happen?!, Kakashi..., he promised me on my deathbed that he could protect her and didn't let her die...
Izuna: Exactly, you entrusted him your wishes, dreams but he didn't keep promises to you. Moreover you gave him your sharingan and saved him sacrificied yourself to let Kakashi live, but he took your sharingan get a lot fame and respect and today is known as Kakashi sharingan hero.
Obito: that bastard..., how could he lie to me, even afterall what I did for him. Even my sensei didn't save Rin, why?!
Izuna:Your sensei, huh. He became Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze was too busy to save her.
Obito clench his fists in anger: WHY!!!
Izuna: your Sensei and even your friend left you there and didn't come back to rescue you , they didn't take any atempt to retireve your body even.
Obito is crying and clench fists with even more force: NO!!!!!!!!!!!
The scene shows Obito eye activated itself Sharingan, and switches to MS.
Izuna is little shocked for moment but moment later he smiles and walk to Obito.
Obito: He.., ha...
Izuna: You could awake mangenkyou sharingan finally.
Obito: Mangenkyou sharingan, but this is advanced form of sharingan, only the most powerfull Uchiha can do this, so how?!
Izuna: You are right, you are third Uchiha to activate MS. Afterall My DNA and my brother as well as Senjuu DNA took effect.
Obito: What?!
Izuna: You almost died there, however my friend Zetsu sensed you and I come with him to see you. You was almost dead so I had to work fast, I remove all rocks from your body and my friend connected with your body to fix it. I brought you to labolatory, injected in your body my DNA, my brother Uchiha Madara DNA and Hashirama DNA, which my brother Uchiha Madara got from Hashirama Senjuu.
Obito: I thank you for saving me, but I thought you was evil.
Izuna: This world is covered by lies, but I have plan to created peace where everyone will be happy.
Izuna: I forgot to mention you, that now you have all knowledge of my brother, mine and Hashirama Senjuu but you have to learn how to acces to this knowledge. You got great talent of me, Madara's that why you would able to activate MS.
Obito: I see, but where can I live now after my village Konoha abondoned me...
Izuna: come with me and help me with my and my brother plan then I will teach you everything I know and make you most powerfull Uchiha shinobi along with me and my brother Madara Uchiha, you will become Ultimate Uchiha!
Obito: Ok, I will go, please teach me everything you know and help so I can take my revenge on my sensei and my friend!
Izuna: alright, now we should go...
Obito*looking at Kakashi last time*:...
Izuna: Last thing before we went, Obito Uchiha died along with silly and false wishes and dreams. Now you was reborn by me and will be known as Tobi Uchiha, it is your really name!
Tobi: Alright master, now I will be known as Tobi Uchiha
The prelast scene shows Izuna opening portal with his sharingan. Obito come after him and before portal is about to close.
Tobi: just wait, Kakashi..., sensei.... Konoha I will take revenge and destroy everyone and everything who or which stand in my way!!!
The last scene shows Tobi disappearing along with Izuna

601 - Birth of Tobi Uchiha

What will happen next?!

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