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Naruto 602 Prediction: True Power

Naruto 602 Prediction: True Power
Madara: That Jinchuuriki where were we..?

Naruto: ?! ( This guy..he doesn't care that his comrade just was defeated..! )

Karuma: ( Naruto this guy is way over your league, this time you should retreat! )

Naruto: ( What are you talking about together we can defeat him don't underestimate me you know that! )

Karuma: ( Naruto this is the man that controlled me with ease and fought the first ho- )

Madara: Are you guys done talking..? Good, i've come here for the Kyuu-

Naruto: ?!


Madara: Don't interupt me while i'm talking..

Naruto: Killer bee!

Madara: As i was trying to say..i've come here for the kyuubi, now you have two choices Jinchuuriki either you'll surrender the kyuubi..OR die a slow and painfull death..choose Jinchuuriki.

Naruto: After all the things you have done to my friends, all the pain you've caused them did you really think i would surrender?! BRING IT!

Madara: You better entertain me Jinchuuriki..

Naruto: Kage bunshin no jutsu! * Bijuu Clones charging Madara with rasengan *

Madara: If only looks could kill..hehe. * Stares at the bunshins and they dissapear *

Naruto: ( This guy isn't even trying..! )

Madara: Come here i can't hear you..* Bansho Tennin! * <------ (Reverse of Shinra Tensei which is pulling.)

Naruto: Arghh! I can't stop..! * Tries to stop by putting tails into the ground *

Madara: Pathetic..i don't even need ninjutsu to take care of you. * Madara takes out naruto with a powerfull jab *

Naruto: Gah! this..can't be..i can't give up...

Madara: Last chance Jinchuuriki..

Naruto: My name is Uzumaki Naruto don't underestimate me! ( I must..take him out with this.. )*Prepares bijuu dama*

Madara: Uzumaki as a host.

( Clone appears from behind Madara and grabbes him )

Naruto: This is the end!!! BIJUU DAMA!

Madara: * Uses preta path to absorb the chakra *

Naruto: Impossible! he absorbed the bijuu dama...

Madara: Kid, haven't you learned from our last encounter? you should have known that nothing will work on there no shinobi worthy of fighting anymore?! is this what this generation has to offer? a miserable jinchuuriki who doesnt learn from his mistakes..pathetic.

Naruto: ...( i tried everything ..but this guy?! )

Madara: It's time to show you the true power of the Uchiha before you humiliate yourself even further!

???: Oi, are you Uchiha Madara!!?

Naruto: ! ( Is that?! )

Next time: Chapter 603 The man that knows everything!

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