Friday, 7 September 2012

Naruto 601 - 603 Predictions: Kurama's destiny

Naruto 601 - 603 Predictions: Kurama's destiny
naruto and kurama- uchiha madara??!!
kakashi- what?*I still havent been able to digest he is obito.. And with my almost drained chakra, naruto would have to take them down alone*
guy-* I know what you are thinking kakashi, but we need to help him*lets go kakashi (a jump towards naruto)
naruto- (to madara) if you are here, what happened to the kages?
madara- my clone's playing hide and seek with them, i couldn't miss out the fun happening here..(to obito) so, is this kurama boy a better snatch then the kages?
obito- yes ,madara sama
madara-*seeing your broken mask, you've let me down *
kurama- naruto, he can sense my chakra . This time, its I who need your help. And, dont you underestimate him like the last time
naruto- kakashi and hot brows sensei, take some of our(kurama's) chakra, you both need it.. Madara, dont you underestimate granny tsunade!!*futon rasenshuriken*

*madara changes the entire landscape with wood style, obito absorbs rasenshuriken. Naruto makes two clones, one attacks the two uchiha with the jounins backing him with their new chakra*
kakashi- watch naruto, there's something fourth hokage taught me.*suiton uzumaki whirlwind, absorb it obito, thats what i want you to do, meanwhile, kurama n naruto*
kurama- naruto, that time when we met the bijuus, i hope you felt it too
naruto- what
kurama-they all gave you a bit of their chakra, i was saving it for when tentails is revived
naruto- so we are gonna unleash it on madara?
* madara knowing the cons of uzumaki whirlwind sealing technique, uses rinnegan*
kurama-*the sage said he will unite us all once again, maybe this is what he meant* naruto, if that uchiha can , so can I !! I am changing into the TenTAILS !
kurama-the transformation will be faster than gedo statue's.. i am counting on you

603- ten tails?
madara-*to obito* this , is the physical remain of tentails. I used my rinnegan to unseal it from the moon
obito- and you want me to continue your eye of the moon plan using this?
naruto's clone- the kage are safe, my sage mode .. Aaah
kakashi, tobi, guy, madara- he's changing

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