Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Naruto 602 Prediction: Playtime

Naruto  602 Prediction: Playtime
*Madara grips the clone naruto who poofs*

*Suddenly the real rasen shuriken comes behind madara who turns momentarily to see it*


*the rasen shuriken rebounds and deforms in midair*

Madara: Boy if you come out now I will -!!!

*Naruto appears a metre away above Madara with a rasen planetary rasengan (normal planetary rasengan but with the 3 small rasengan's being mini rasen shurikens)*

Madara:"I can't use the rinnegan for another 3 seconds hmm"

*The blast from the technique causes a shockwave to sweep through the area*

Naruto: I've fought against a rinnegan user before Fossil..I know how it works.. hehe.

Madara:"Incredible..this technique severs the chakra network almost instantaneously upon impact.. I can't use any jutsu.. at least not until the body I'm using recovers"

*Obito Appears at a distance near Kakashi & Gai his robes are singed off revealing his the rest of his torso to be similar to his face his *

Obito: Looks like Madara will take care of Naruto.. I will deal with you two personally..

Gai: I beat you in the chuunin exams.. I can do it again..

Kakashi: No Gai.. This is my fight.. I will do it for Rin.. if she saw how Obito has turned out she'd never forgive me.

-- Scene switches to Oro, Sasuke & Co --

Sasuke:"What potent chakra"

Orochimaru: that shockwave was incredible.. we're a few thousand kilometres away yet we felt it.. That foul chakra must be Madara.

Sasuke: How strong is he?

Orochimaru: Sasuke-Kun he is the strongest shinobi on this plane.. The fact that Naruto or the kage are toe to toe with him shows how strong they are as shinobi.

Sasuke:"I might need to get in some more feedback with these eyes"

Orochimaru: You could probably keep up with him at your current level Sasuke but he has something you don't..

Sasuke: He has the eternal mangekyou as do I..

Orochimaru: I was referring to the Rinnegan.


Sasuke: How did he acquire the Rinnegan.

Orochimaru: I will tell you all I know.. Alot of it up until now has been hypothesized by me & 'them'.. most of what we guessed has turned out to be true.

In order to tell you we must go back to when Rikudo Sennin was around..

Suigetsu: HAHAHA! Rikudo Sennin.. He's nothing but a myth..

Orochimaru: Oh I assure you Suigetsu..he is very real..


*Orochimaru explains the story in detail as they pass through the forest*

Sasuke: So in order to acquire the rinnegan I must implant Senju DNA into myself.

Orochimaru: Yes only one small problem.. Theres is only one living shinobi with a direct bloodline link to Hashirama..

Sasuke: Tsunade... After we're done here we will go to the kage.. I have a few questions and their lives depend on the answers.

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