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Naruto 602 Prediction: The truth behind tobi

Naruto 602 Prediction: The truth behind tobi
starts out with obito still on the bed wrapped in bandages.

Obito: who... who are you?

madara: I am uchiha madara

obito: uchiha m... madara! you can't be he should be dead!

madara: so should you young one, but who was it that saved your life?

obito: what do you want from me!?

madara: I want you, my life will soon end and i need someone to carry out my plan, the moons eye plan.

obito: moon's eye plan?

madara: All the tailed beasts will be captured and recombined into ten tails, using its chakra i will enshourd the world in a super genjutsu mugen tsuomi!

obito: tentails, super genjutsu? what are you talking about?

madara: you have much to learn young uchiha, what is your name?

obito: uchiha obito!

flash back ends

obito: It is none of your concern what happened, the obito you knew died that day i'm no one, i don't want to be obito or madara or tobi. i just want the moons eye plan to be complete!

kakashi: but why, why did you turn out this way? why did you attack konoha, why did you kill sensei!

obito: It was all for my plan, and i no longer consider him my sensei, he's just another hero with words you can't rely on, in the end he left his son on his own to combat me when he could have full well lived and defeated me himself. He made a selfish decision based off his wifes condition.

kakashi: don't you insult sensei! he didn't fail!

obito: I wonder about that...

flash back...

obito: why should i help you achieve this plan!?

madara: It is a perfect world where there will be no war no bad blood all will become one world of peace accordingto your design.

obito: i would be betraying kakashi.

madara: senju dogs like him don't belong in our world, the way he treated you is the way uchihas have always been treated, as an uchiha that hate for the senju boils deep inside you, deep down you know how much you hate the village.

obito: but the uchiha are elite...

madara: to the village they are scum that can be done away with at anytime they please, the uchiha have been losing power. Do you want the uchiha to become weak? then you'll follow though with my plan.

obito: but why me why did you take me, why explain this all to me!?

madara: i thought my own grand nephew would share the hate for the senju as my brother and I had.

obito: you mean i'm...

madara: your directly related to me...

back to present...

obito: But kakashi you should know, the senju dogs will have no place in my world!

kakashi: Did madara brain wash you?

obito: i'm doing this all of my own accord kakashi, you can beg for forgiveness from rin and the 4th hokage when you see them in the next life.

back to flash back...

obito: what about rin, kakahsi and minato sensei!?

madara: all senju scum that deserve to die, if your an uchiha you should have noticed whats been happeing, slowly but surly the uchiha are being cornered, one slip and the higer ups won't make the mistake of letting them live. the village is weak, the world is weak people die. just look at you and me for example.


madara: in my world all is perfect!



kakashi: obito...

obito: the moons eye plan will begin in a few minutes your life will end before then!

kakashi: why did you choose this path?

obito: to redeem the uchiha, and gain venage for what the senju did to them.

tears are seen in kakashis eyes.

obito: whats wrong crybaby senju?

kakashi: !!!

flash back...

kakashi: are all the uchiha this weak?

kakashi: i don't need to hear that from a crybaby uchiha!


kakashi: O_O

obito: now you die * makes hand seal chapter ends*

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