Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Naruto 603 Prediction: Hatred Awakened

Obito: *Alright...I need to act as if I'm cooperative. This guy claims to be Madara...but he's missing his eyes, and currently only has one...I have nothing to worry about.*
Obito: Hey! Old jeezer, are you gonna help me up?
Madara: I don't think so.
Obito: Wha-why not? You can't just keep me here on the ground!
Madara: If you won't help me, I won't help you.
Obito: ...fine..what do you want.
Madara: ...
Madara walks over and picks him up
Madara: First things first, grow your body out.
Obito: What? You gotta be kidding me I don't have this kind of regeneration!?
Madara: Did you not listen to me? You have Hashirama's body inside you. Now grow.
Obito: That's right, I do feel this enormous burst of chakra inside me...
Madara: Like the sharingan, send chakra through your arms, as if you have them.
Obito: Ok....
Obito focuses. Out comes an arm and a leg
Obito: Holy shi---I mean wow.
Madara: You're surprised? Does konoha even teach history? Anyway, get up.
Obito: *Wait...nows my chance...I have my body back, I should make a run for---*
Madara attacks him with the scythe
Obito: !? WAIT
Madara decapitates Obito.
Madara: !
Obito: !?? What? My head, it's still here?
Madara: I don't believe it...
Obito: What just happened? Why did you attack me old man!
Madara: Out of all the Uchihas, the rare deformation occurred to you.
Madara: It's a rare trait in the Uchiha clan, where an Uchiha will awaken great power within their eyes at early stages.
Obito: Are you telling me I have some sort of super ninja technique?
Madara: You could say that. It seems you can dematerialize your body, it would explain how you survived that rock and landed inside my tunnel.
Obito: I don't know how I did it though, it's as if...
Madara: You awaken it when you're going to die.
Obito: Right...anyway, old man or...Madara, what is it that you want me to do for you.
Madara: I need you to awaken the power in that eye, although I have no idea where your other one is, this will have to do.
Obito: Ok..and how do I do this..
Madara: You have to kill your closest friend.
Obito: !? Forget it! I'm not killing anyone!
Madara: Then you're useless to me. The exists that way.
Obito: Hmm.
Obito leaves
Obito is walking in a forest under rain.
Obito: *Once..I get home...I'll inform sensei about this guy...and then I'll see if maybe Rin...will go on a date with me? I'm certain she likes me...she did cry when she saw me "die"*
Obito notices a tomb and a person
It's Kakashi standing there under the rain.

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