Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Naruto 601 prediction 2

Gai: Uchiha....Madara?! I thought the Edo Tensei was released?!

Madara: Those who know the seal to Edo Tensei can release it at any time. Now that I have defeated the 5 Kages, nothing stands in my way!

Gai: I said earlier...the world is in our hands. We must take out Obito as its our fault this as happened! Its time to show them my youth! Eighth Gate: Death Gate!

Kakashi nearly out of chakra activates Kamui one last time.

Obito: There's no hope for you kakashi. To use that jutsu Kakashi don't you remember wha...(Obito is suddenly hit by a Fuuton: Rasengan on the right side of his chest.)

Madara: This boy never ceases to amaze me. He has tamed the Kyuubi to an even higher degree then prior...but no matter. (Madara activates Perfect Sussanoo and slashes at naruto).

Naruto suddenly moves like a yellow flash to avoid the slash when bee uses a Tailed Beast Ball at perfect Susanoo.

Madara: Useless technique against my power. (Madara slashes at the ball and it dissipates.)

Obito stands up and a white zetsu substance is dripping from his chest.

Gai instantly appears before Obito and punches at him.

Obito: Like Kisame said the bizarre beast is a dumb one as wel...(Obito's arm is blown off)

Obito: Impossible I avoided that attack! How could you of hit me!

Gai: The eighth gate unleashes a power comparable too that of the sage of six paths. With its powers, I can punch through dimensions and shatter any obstacle in my path.

Madara: This is a power I have not seen since the days before Konoha. No matter I must focus my efforts on you.

Madara uses Tskuyomi on Gai while Obito prepares to Kamui him. Suddenly Kakashi counter Kamui's while Naruto releases him from the genjutsu.

Obito: I see I am going to have to take you down first kakashi before I destroy this "bizarre beast".

Naruto creates 1,000 clones and has them go into sage mode!

Madara: I can see why you had trouble fighting against this group of ninja, they consist of powers that would of given Hashirama trouble.

With that madara coats his Perfect Susanoo with Amaterasu and swings at Gyuki while in his transformed state, naruto throws a rasen shurriken de-materializing the sword while the others throw rasen shurrikens at Madara.

Madara's susanoo becomes engulfed with a Katon and Fuuton Rasen shurriken when tobi uses his S/T jutsu to create a vortex engulfing the entire dimension within a fire storm.

Kurama: Naruto even with my chakra, this fire storm is going to destroy the us along with the entire dimension.

Kakashi: Obito...I'm sorry for what has happened..but I must save my comrades even if I die!

Kakashi uses his Kamui to warp Bee, Maito Gai, and Naruto out of the dimension.

As they are being warped away, everything in the dimension starts to crumble as the 1,000 rasen shurikkens combined with Katon vaporize everything.

Kakashi: I guess this is it, after not being able to save my father, Rin, Obito, Hiruzen, my master, or sasuke I was finally able to save my friends.

Gai: Roar my youth!

Gai punches into the air and with his punches he rips a hole in the space. Seeing kakashi he grabs him and uses one final attack on Obito.

Gai: This attack will rip apart everything in its path, even if I can't finish Madara off this attack will destroy you and the Gedo Mazo. Evening Lion!
Gai punches straight into the ground de-materializing and crushing everything around him. Obito's body is split in half from his previous wound and Madara begins to crumble.

Naruto grabs Gai and pulls him out of the dimension. In attempts to keep him in tact.

Kurama: Naruto listen to what I have to say! My chakra consist of only Yang. Yang chakra has the ability to restore life and create it. Quickly transform and put then on you so I can heal them.

As Gai and Kakashi are recovering, we can see Kakashi's sharingan has gone blind, and Gai is alive but unable to move.

Obito and Madara appear although Obito is in serious condition.

Naruto: How could you of survived that! That attack destroyed the space and time surrounding it!

Obito: Zetsu has the ability to merge with life, he also consist of yang chakra and was able to heal me even if it was not back to how I was.

Madara: Enough talking! We must destroy them i'll have to use that jutsu.

Scene switches to the kages

Tsunade: I can't believe Madara had a jutsu like that..his perfect susanoo pails in comparison too what has just happened.

Lying across from Tsunade she see's Onoki laying there with his legs decapitated, Mei with her arms gone.

Tsunade: I must heal them..we cannot lose hope.

Scene Switches to Sasuke

Orochimaru: Madara is destroying the shinobi world as we know it, I have no issue's with this but it might be in your best interest to attempt to stop him. You are the only one a counter that jutsu.


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