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Naruto 600 prediction: Tobi

Naruto 600 prediction: Tobi
Tobi : Obito?, i'm an idea. The solution to the tradition of hatred started by the Rikudou Senin.

Gai and Kakashi : ?!!

Kurama : hatred?! The Grandpa Rikudou preached peace and love

Tobi : you're nothing more than a pet of his, Nine-Tails. Another one of his mistakes. Look how you turned out before Naruto came along.

Kurama : bastard!

Tobi : The Sage created the chain of hatred that exists in this world. I will be the one to break it. And my plan for the solution is already in motion, unlike yours, Naruto.


Elder Son : fear and force are the only ways to stop the approaching conflict.

Younger Son : nonsense. We can solve our problems by being calm and negotiating terms that suit everyone.

Elder Son : You're both naive, my brother and father!

Rikudou Senin ( i can just imagine his face ) : ...

Younger Son : don't say such things about our father! he's the reason there is peace in our world today!

Elder : and how exactly do we keep the peace? simply asking everyone not to fight is pointless.

Rikudou Senin : stop this, don't fight amongst yourselves. You're the most gifted of your generation. One day, when i'm gone, it will be up to you both to keep the peace that i've worked so long to establish.

Elder : please forgive my behavior father, i'm just fed up with this idealistic nonsense.

Rikudou Senin : it's more than ideal! which is why i think it's best that you not lead this world.

Elder : what?! but father...

Rikudou : You both know why i've summoned you here. I've come down with a mysterious disease. I'm dying, my sons. My successor must be worthy in both power and mind to rule this world. The countries are becoming greedy. Tension is rising. I fear that if there is not someone in my place who can keep the peace without the use of force, the world will once again be swallowed up in war.

Elder : you do not think I am worthy... your eldest son. I can't believe this.
You've said what you wanted to. I'm leaving.

Rikudou Senin : I wont stop you my son, just be mindful of your actions.

*end flashback*

Tobi : later, the Rikudou Senin died, and the situation only spiraled out of control. Why? he was unable to control both of his sons, the only 2 people who could have kept the peace. I already told you what happened next.


Elder : like i said, there are some things that simply can't be solved by discussion. I'll show the world who the greater son of the Rikudou Senin is!

Younger : I'm sorry it had to come to this... but you've forced my hand.

Tobi : after the fight the world fell into chaos. The seat on top of this world remained contested. The clans which the Rikudou Senin taught ninjutsu to began to ally with countries and go to war for hegemony.
The Uchiha and Hyuuga who descended from the Elder Son along with the Senju and Uzumaki who descended from the Younger Son became the most influential. They're the ones who set up the Village system which has bred the most deadly fighting since before the Rikudou Senin's time.

*end flashback*

Bee : so you blame the the Rikudou Senin and his descendents for the hatred in this world today?

Naruto : I'll never question my resolve. Even if it means getting rid the village system.

Tobi : And How would you get the world to agree to that? Like I said before, I am an idea. I am nobody. Our goal will be accomplished and you won't get in my way!

Bee : our goal?

Tobi : I have been more than one person throughout time. It's how i know the history. The story has been passed down since the first descendant of the Rikudou senin who wanted to use realistic means attain peace in this chaotic world. I am the current in a long line of descendents who follow the will of the elder brother to attain peace though force. That's why i'm waging this war. My plan, the Moon's Eye Plan will create a utopia with no war. I will finally achieve my goal, the goal of my predecessors! There Will Be Peace!

Naruto : your plan for peace is nothing more than a lie. Even if you're nothing more than an idea, I'll defeat you and achieve a true peace!

chapter finishes with Kakashi remembering reading The Legend of a Gutsy Ninja

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