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Naruto 601 Prediction: Their Agreement

Naruto 601 Prediction: Their Agreement
*Naruto, Guy, and Kakashi stand shocked at Madara's sudden arrival. Obito's expression has barely changed at all*

Obito: So it's true, then. Kabuto did revive you.

*Madara looks at him with a slight sense of anger and disappointment*

Madara: Indeed, he did...not exactly according to our plan, was it? Would you mind telling me why Nagato failed to revive me before he did?

*The other three continue watching this ongoing conversation before Naruto expresses his thoughts out loud*

Naruto: What the hell are you guys talking about!? Why would Nagato revive Madara!? And what is he doing here, anyway!? I thought he was fighting Granny Tsunade and the other Kages!

*The two look over at Naruto and Madara recognizes him*

Madara:'re that kid that was fighting alongside the Kages earlier...the Nine-Tails jinchuuriki. It seems you two have grown rather fond of each other.

*He turns to Obito*

Madara: It would appear that you have your hands full, Obito.

*Obito smirks a little*

Obito: Not in the slightest. Their discovery of the secret behind my technique was nothing more than a minor setback, as was Nagato's betrayal. It doesn't matter, though. There's nothing they can do now. Our plan has almost come to fruition at long last, Madara.

*Kakashi is still in his semi-conscious state as he continues to listen to them speak*

Kakashi (in thought): This doesn't make sense. Obito couldn't have survived that rock slide. And how does he know Madara? Did they...?

Kakashi: Madara Uchiha.

*The aforementioned looks over to him in curiosity, as does Obito*

Kakashi: How did you revive Obito?

*Madara can't help but let a smirk form on his face*

Madara: Whoever said I revived him?

Kakashi and Guy: !!

Naruto: What!? But, if that guy died like Kakashi-sensei said he did, then he would have had to have been brought back to life!

Madara: Insolent child, there's only one conclusion.

*He looks at Obito*

Madara: This man's life energy is even greater than my own. To my great surprise, he was still alive when I stumbled upon his body, though just barely.

*He thinks back to his first meeting with Obito*

Madara: I wasn't about to do what I did at first. He was still a member of the clan that betrayed me, after all. But, his willpower and strength intrigued me, so...I took him under my wing, nursed him back to health, and before long, I had a revelation.

*The three spectators look on in confusion*

Naruto: And what was that!?

Madara: ...I was a broken man. I'd been slowly perishing ever since I was almost killed by Hashirama. I knew I wouldn't be around forever to complete the plan I already had set in motion. Someone would have to carry it out after I was gone, so when the time came, I could be revived to finish what I started.

Kakashi, Guy, and Naruto: !!

Obito: ...

*Madara looks at Obito for a moment*

Madara: And, despite a few mishaps along the way, you've managed to keep that end of our deal.

*He looks back at the other three, ready to jump into battle*

Madara: And now, there's nothing to stand in my way of completing the Moon's Eye Plan! Get ready, Obito. I'm going to show the beginning of a new world, void of war, of hatred,...and of pain!

~Just what did their agreement entail? With Madara having joined the battle, the fate of the world now rests on this final confrontation!!!~

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