Monday, 24 September 2012

Naruto 603 Prediction: The path to hatred

Naruto 603 Prediction: The path to hatred 
Obito : Ughh I have to get out of
Madara : Foolish boy the artificial body that I attached will fall off
Obito : (manages to the door but then faints)

???? : Do u think it is time..???
Madara : Be patient
???? : Yes but the boy is trying to escape he will never be your...
Obito : whom is it...??
Madara : No one
Obito : Listen old man i have to go to my friend Kakashi he possesses my other sharingan... together we are unbeatable
Madara : Stupid boy giving the highest rank to a low level shinobi u should be ashamed
Obito : U KNOW NOTHING..!! I thought I was going to die so I gave it to him to protect ...umm...
Madara : Whom..??
Obito : This girl named Rin she is a teammate (blushing)
Madara : ......
Obito : Anyways thanks for saving me but now I have to go
Madara : I did not save you.
Obito : Then how..??
Madara : All in due time..!!!
Obito : Anyways I can feel a flow of chakra in my body and I shouldnt have it..!!
Madara : Those are the cells of Hashirama..!!
Obito : The first hokage..???
Madara : You are a remarkable shinobi who could withstand his cells and under my guidance you will become my ultimate weapon
Obito : I dont want to be under ur guidance all I WANT IS TO GO BACK TO KONOHA
Madara : Why..??
Obito : To protect my friends to protect my friend Kakashi and Rin
Madara : **sigh** I will show u (sharingan)
Obito : what...??
Madara and Obito are standing next to a hidden stone ninja who has rin in her arms
Kakashi pierces the ninja with Raikiri
Rin : Thank you Kakashi
Kakashi : Lets get out of here
Hidden Stone Ninja : ***Throws a poisoned kunai***
Rin : Look out
Blood splutters all over the floor as the kunai gets stuck in Rin's stomach
Madara : Life is tough young Uchiha as for...
Obito : Train me Sensei..!! Obito activates his MANGEKYOU

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