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Naruto 603 prediction: despair

Naruto 603 prediction: despair
Obito continues to struggle forward trying to reach an exist.

Madara: its no use young uchiha , you'll die before you get back at this rate.

obito: shut up you old geezer, id sooner be dead then help you!

madara: if it were not for my help you'd already be dead young one.

obito: !!!

madara: if you wish to live so you may once again see your friends, you'll do as i ask.

obito: rin, kakashi...

madara: don't count on them coming to the rescue, as far as they know your dead, as far as the world knows i'm dead.

obito: whats your point!

madara: in this world death consumes everyone, only those who come back from those near brushes with death are able to know true despair, the horror of death, the horror of war...

obito: shut up...

madara: My goal is to create a world with no such things death, war hate. None of those will exist in my world. and i need your help to do so.

obito: i would never help you! you attacked the leaf your an enemy to my village!

madara: once your able to leave you will go outside there no guaranteeing that your friends will still live. In war there are no morals all that exists is the battle. in my time we killed children, because of what they may become from those wars.

obito: i'm nothing like you, and the world is differnt from the way it was!

madara: its morals have changed but its wars have not. you will under stand in time.

obito: let me go!

madra: and when you do you will come back searching for a way to fix things, just remember that the moons eye plan is the only cure for the despair our worthless world has...

obito: ! * passes out*

the next time obito awakes he is near the borders his wounds fully healed all but his face his right side completly white.

obito: kakashi, rin i'm coming!

obito rushs towards his village upon arriving there is a funeral.

obito: seems the war has ended they're having a funeral for all those killed in the war.

obito puts up a hodo to hide his face due to the village currently believing he's dead.

he wlaks up to the alter upon looking at the photos obitos eyes widen its rins photo.

Obito: rin... then kakashi didn't.

flash back...

madara: you will know despair and come searching for a way to fix it.

obito: so this is that despair he spoke of.

chapter ends with obito showing his ms.

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