Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Naruto 603 Prediction

The scene begins with Obito desperately trying to get out.

Obito: Damn it, damn it damn it!

Madara: Fool, you will only hurt yourself.

Obito: My friends, Kakashi, Rin. I can protect them now.

Madara: Face the cruel reality you live in. Your friends, tell me young uchiha, can you go to such length to only suffer more pain? Help me change this world.. for your friends.

Obito: How can i change the world when i have failed.

Madara: Failure is what drives us. It makes us stronger. I have too failed in my mission.

Obito: ...

Madara: You see, my fight with the first, Hashirama was proclaimed the victor but never did he accept what he had done. People believe i had died but they don't know the harsh reality in which the truth lies.

Obito: The truth...

Madara: Tell me boy...

Obito: me Obito

Madara: ...Obito, tell me. What can you do to save your friend?

Obito: *murmurs to himself* Kakashi, i entrusted Kakashi to protect Rin. I know she's safe.

Madara: When war breaks out, lives are lost. Promises will be made but eventually they too will be broken. If nothing is done, this reality will eat itself and repeat.

Obito gets teary eyed thinking he will never see Kakashi or Rin.

Madara: Let me ask you this again Obito.. What will you do to save your friends? Can you let them be in this world and hope for the best or will you do something about it?

Obito: *wiping his tear* How can i help?

Chapter ends with Obitos MS showing.

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