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Naruto 603 Prediction: LONG WAY TO GO

Naruto 603 Prediction: LONG WAY TO GO
OBITO : I can't waste time here..... Wait for me... Kakashi... Rin.... I'm Alive!! (sweeps on the ground and moves his body with his chin away to find the exit)
MADARA : .........
OBITO : Someone help me.
MADARA : I won't help you even if you request..... because you rejected my proposal..... I'll wait till you die and take away your Sharingan.
OBITO : (Shivers in fear) ?!!! * I must hurry * (tears runs through Obito's eye due to pain)
MADARA : Hmm?!! What happened? Aren't you going home? Or are you scared?
OBITO : ........
MADARA : (moves to grab his scythe)
OBITO : Naaahhhh.....I am not going anywhere.
MADARA : ?!!!
OBITO : * I have no other option.... I'll stay here until I get healed to the point I'm able to run away *
MADARA : You changed your mind? Are you planning to run away as you get healed?
OBITO : ?!!! * What the...? He figured it out. *
MADARA : Hmm.... Your face said everything..... But I already said.... there's no exit from here into the outside hell.
OBITO : Isn't that ironic?!!
MADARA : .........(looks at Obito)
OBITO : (tries to stand) (shouts) then how the hell I..... Arghh!!....... I was brought here..... You were spitting lie from the start and.... and you want me to pursue your dream?
MADARA : No one brought you here.....
OBITO : What do you mean?
MADARA : Your half crushed body was found lying in this cave. There are no entrance or exit to this place....This place is isolated.
OBITO : Isolated?!! then how did I?
MADARA : What happened with you above my hideout I don't know...... But after that huge noise of the rubble.... I found your body.... but there were no opening or holes in the ground for your body to fall into this passage.... As if you slipped through through the ground.....
OBITO : Slipped through the ground?!! is it even possible? * how did I ...? *
MADARA : Is it possible that....?!! What is your name kid?
OBITO : Hmm?!! My name is UCHIHA OBITO.
MADARA : Obito!! show me your Mangekyo Sharingan.
OBITO : Mange.... what? what is that?
MADARA : It is rare even among the Uchihas to awaken it.... It is the Mangekyo Sharingan..... the evolution of a three tomoe Sharingan.
OBITO : Evolution?!!
MADARA : Did you killed your best friend?
OBITO : (Makes round eyes like Hachibi) What?!!! Why did you changed your topic suddenly?!!
MADARA : I haven't changed the topic Obito. I asked you, did you killed your best friend?
OBITO : How it is connected to kill my best friend? And why would someone kill his best friend?(thinks of Kakashi)
MADARA : Mangekyo Sharingan awakens when the user kills his best friend with his own hands...
OBITO : ?!!! No.... I didn't.... and I won't if it takes away my loved ones away from me? (looks at Madara with wide eye)
MADARA : Hmm..... * he has not even evolved the third tomoe..... but I am sure that because of his ocular powers he get into here *
OBITO : Hmmm....Why are you looking at me like this? (looks at his shining scythe) Are you going to kill me now?
MADARA : No.... I won't kill you.... You have special ability to slip through objects maybe its your Mangekyo ability which surfaced for a while when you were on the verge of death and was willing to live more. * It seems he might awaken it without killing his friend * But you haven't yet achieved it completely.
OBITO : ?!!! So....
MADARA : I'll help you to improve your skills.
OBITO : (takes a look at Madara from down to up) heh!!! Look at your age old geezer, how will you train me. Also I don't have another hand.
MADARA : Don't worry it will regenerate again!!
OBITO : regenerate?!! what are you talking about? You are giving me heart attacks one after another....How can my hand grow again?
MADARA : Its the precious ability of the Senju dna that has the ability to regenerate a damaged cell or part of the body rapidly.... but takes time for others.(Raises his hand holding the scythe)
OBITO : ?!!!! Are you trying to chop my head now?
MADARA : (looks at Obito)
(Two white zetsus spout out from the Mazo's branch and falls on the ground)
OBITO : Hmmm... what is that thing? So creepy...
MADARA : They are the artificial bodies made from Hashirama Senju cells...the first hokage. One of those body has been stitched to you so that you survive from that massive damage. If you were taken away by your friends to the Leaf, your injuries wouldn't have healed so fast and in between your would have died because of pain.
(The two zetsus stands and walk towards Obito)
OBITO : What are you doing with me now?
MADARA : Don't worry.....
(the two zetsus hold Obito and puts him on the wooden cot)
OBITO : Arghhhh!!! My body pains..... will I be able to..... get used to these regeneration ability?
MADARA : will but... for now rest.... You have a long way to go.
OBITO : ........(lying on the cot) * Yes, I have a long way to go to my home and to my friends..... but.....*
(Last panel shows Obito watching at Madara who has his back turned to Obito and is heading towards his chair)

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