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Naruto 606 Prediction: You Are The One

Naruto 606 Prediction: You Are The One
~Scene change to Obito~

Obito: !!!

Madara: I should thank Hashirama.. It is probably because of his blood I have lived up until now.

Obito: Why didn't you go back to the leaf and fight Hashirama again?

Madara: Because even at my level it would have been a stalemate.. We Uchiha have stamina and visual prowess.. The Senju in Hashirama's case have vitality.. He dodged most of my strongest attacks.. Then the words he imparted to me gave me an idea.

Hashirama was one of a kind and the world changes.. as do the ideals of each generation.. As strong and influential as one can be they can never control the tide of war.. something which came about every few years..

Even if I commenced the Infinite Tsukuyomi and gathered the bijuu I'd be limited because of my advanced age..

Obito:....Is this why you rescued me..

Madara: Yes it is one of the reasons..I am a conduit to deliver the message of the I-T .. As will you be when you approach my age.. You owe it to Rin to become no one but a conduit so that none may suffer the same fate as her..

Obito:"Everything he's saying is strange but it makes sense... No one should have to suffer because of war mankind would be better in an illusion.... For Rin" You're right Madara-San.

Madara: ....Rin would have been proud of her team mate

-Madara slowly gets up and walks out the room leaving Obito in the bed.. his tears rolling down his bandaged face.. Awakening his MS-

~Scene Change to a year later~

Madara: With mine and Hashirama's DNA I have halted the effects your MS.. I haven't stopped them completely but you should be able to use your Sharingan and that useful jutsu of yours..

-Madara begins to cough-

Madara: I fear my time is coming to an end.. Obito.. We must go before somewhere

Obito: Where Madara-San?

Madara: Naka Shrine


Madara: With your jutsu we will be able to get there and back without causing any conflict.

Obito: Understood..

-Obito walks up to Madara and they teleport to Naka Shrine-

-Madara slowly steps over to the tablet activating his Rinnegan-

- He reads aloud the contents of the tablet-

Madara: Just as I thought.

Obito: Madara-San....

Madara: Good.. saves me from explaining more then whats needed.

-Obito walks up to Madara and they teleport back to the hideout-

Madara: There is a boy in the Hidden Rain Village... by the name of Nagato.. I want you to implant my rinnegan into him.. Kill the boys parents... tell him the leaf did it... Once the leaf is dismantled the purification of the shinobi world can begin.. They are the root of this damned system which you Obito are destined to end... Ensure he uses the rinne tensei jutsu to revive me in a more youthful form then I can make sure the I-Tsukuyomi lasts.

-Madara turns to Obito with his rinnegan still active-

Madara: Remember you are no one.. merely a messenger for the message that will end all this suffering.

-Obito reaches into his cloak -

-Madara walks slowly up to him until he is face to face with him-

-Obito then lunges a kunai into Madara's chest-

Madara: You know what to do next.

-Madara falls to the floor.. Obito looks down his face emotionless-

~Scene Change to a few hundred feet away from Naruto & Co's location~

-The Five Kage stand watching.. Tsunade's forehead mark is half faded-

Mei: Hokage are you sure you can handle another fight.

Tsunade: I will make me grandfather proud and ensure that with everything in my power I protect not only Naruto but the entire Shinobi world.

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