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Naruto 600 Prediction: Compromised?!

Naruto 600 Prediction: Compromised?! 
Kakashi: O-Obi-to?
Obito says nothing, still glaring.
Kakashi: B...But how?.. I saw it myself.. you died.. you can't be!
Gai: Kakashi, this isn't the time!
Obito: You saw it yourself? How can you trust that eye of yours, when it doesn't even belong to you?
Kakashi's eyes are wide open, yet he's exhausted.. Sweat rolls down his tired brow.
Kakashi: No...Y-You wanted me to...

-Flashback of Obito giving his eye as a gift to Kakashi-

Gai: Naruto, Bee! it's no use, we have to strike now, Kakashi's been compromised!
Naruto: Right!
Bee: Right on, mutha fucka!

Tobi thinking: It worked, the one who shares the boy's eyes is unable to face me, They're unable to touch me, and i can phase them as i please. The moon's eye plan is almost comp-!

A tentacle reaches down, wrapping itself around Gai, Naruto in BM Mode is already within striking distance of Tobi, But launches over him towards the Gedo Mazo with a tremendous leap!.

Gai thinking: That's it, without Kakashi we can't launch a real attack on him, he can phase all day if he wants to, we have to try and coax him out.. And the only way to do that is...!

The Gedo Mazo is still screaming in Pain, it's eyes bleeding profusely, it's body forming cracks. It's still within the confines of the Barrier, However Naruto's Bijuu bomb has already been prepped.

Tobi appears from one of the rocks falling just in front of Naruto, who's now a few feet from the Gedo. The entire Earth seems to be shaking. Tobi swings his war fan at Naruto, and connects just as Gai comes hurtling in, having been thrown by Bee.. And launches a powerful Kick, Which Obito 'just' manages to block against that devastates Obito's arm and sends him hurtling.

Tobi: So, you launched your initial attack at the Gedo Mazo, to force me to solidify, as you knew it was the only way i'd do so, Before counter-attacking? How intrusive..

His arm is messed up, dislodged and leaking a strange gloopy substance to the ground, Gai's eyes widen.

Gai: Kakashi, You see! He's not who you think he is! Forget who you thought Obito was and focus on what needs to be done!
Tobi: I told you, i am nobody, nothing - I am neither Madara Uchiha nor that pittyful child you called a friend, I am the Moon's eye plan's harbinger, Bringing into fruition that which the two of them longed for - The one who will put an end to everything wrong with this world! It's already to late!

The Gedo's skin fully cracks, and a shining being is barely visible from within, ten tails begin to sprout out from behind it's body.

Next chapter: Juubi incarnate.

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