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Naruto 604 Prediction: Eternal Mangekyou

Naruto 604 Prediction: Eternal Mangekyou
Madara: Its been a while since I had to use my mangekyou.

-Madara then uses Amaterasu at Hashirama-

Hashirama:"As long as I keep my movement unpredictable I should be able to outrun the flames"

-Hashirama then spreads his arm a branch appears from his palm which he uses to jump high in the air before grabbing the branch as he rises and throwing it at Madara's head-

Madara: Nice try.

-Madara uses Amaterasu to stop the branch which falls to the floor coated in black flames-

Hashirama:"Good he took the bait now I need to get in closer"

-Hashirama runs at jaw dropping speed sending a right hook to the back of Madara's head causing him to loose balance and fall near the black flames-

Madara: HMM

-Madara activates Susanoo then uses his eye to disappear-

Madara: "had it not been for Susanoo I'd be a goner.. Hashirama is the toughest opponent I've fought.. I might have to use 'that' "

-Madara's susanoo sends a sword swinging at Hashirama-

Hashirama: ....

-Hashirama: Wood Style: Thick Flowered Tree Column... A huge branch covered in flowers similar to the ones in the advent technique are shown-

Madara: Heh'

- Madara's Susanoo sends its other arm to attack Hashirama-

Hashirama:"Susanoo may be powerful but your limited in terms of movement"

-Hashirama repeats the technique causing Thick Flowered Tree Column to appear on his over side-

Hashirama: You aren't looking so confident now Madara..

-Hashirama then claps his hands together causing a giant black trunk to emerge from the ground and tear open Susanoo's ribcage-

Madara: What are you-!!??

Hashirama: Release!

-Hashirama jumps back as the flowers on the columns release a hazy yellow mist.. Hashirama then turns his arm into a branch and sends a huge just of wind so the yellow toxins from the floor fly right into Madara's face..-

Hashirama: I suppose I should tell you about this new technique huh'.. Well.. after our last battle I realized your fighting style is centered around your eyes and that if I attacked your senses directly with nature I'd instantaneously gain an advantage..

The toxin you just inhaled is called Atropa belladonna its a toxin that causes loss of eyesight and balance.. I made this jutsu for the day we sparred again so I could show you I'm still the strongest.

-Madara can be seen with around his eyes bright red due to inhaling the toxins-

Madara:"Hashirama you are without a doubt one of the best shinobi to live but I am better"

-Susanoo then disappears.. A faint grin can be scene on Madara's face-

Madara: Summoning Jutsu!:

-Suddenly a huge cloud of smoke appears.. the Kyuubi's tails poke out from the smoke which disperses to reveal the kyuubi in full form snarling at Madara-

Madara: Obey!

-Madara's sharingan tomoe appears in the kyuubi's eyes-

Hashirama: Madara Uchiha relying on a tailed beast for backup.. heh'

Madara: Whilst you were gardening I was taming tailed beasts..

-the kyuubi then roars causing the columns to fly in Hashirama's direction-

Hashirama:"This is gonna be hard"

-Hashirama Earth Style: Mud Wall. The columns stop and impact the wall which begins to shake-

-Hashirama Wood Style: Giant Wood Torpedo's.. - Holes appear in the mud wall .. Giant straight branches emerge each about 30ft long and 8m in thickness-

Madara: Not bad.

-the kyuubi roars then sends it front paws hurtling to the ground to create a shockwave which sends the wood flying and the mud wall begins to crumble.. the area is then engulfed in a bright light due to the shockwave-

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