Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Naruto 601 Prediction 4

The first panel shows madara and obito standing facing naruto and the others.
Madara : so they even broke your mask uh ?
Tobi: I underestimate them
Naruto: you being here means that ..... Did you kill granny tsunade and the others ?!?
Madara : they were too weak and boring so i left them there but you should be worried about yourself right now.
Madara appears behind naruto and hits him with a susanoo arm which make naruto fall and get up quickly. Tobi activates his mangekyou and runs toward kakashi and try to warp him but gai comes and try to punch him on his right arm, then KB uses his tail to catch kakashi.
Kakashi: i don't have enough chakra to fight...
Gai: where are the reiforcements at this time ?
Panel swiches to the kages.
Tsunade: dammit... He ran away.
Onoki: We should think about get going to help naruto and the others instead of depressing , kages.
Gaara ( Naruto)
Raikage: how can he be so powerful!!!
Mei : if madara gets to naruto and the others, we're all domed.
Panel swiches to kabuto , suigetsu and juugo.
Juugo : where do you think they went to ?
Suigetsu: to some weird place again but i don't trust orochimaru, i'm pretty sure he will try to get sasuke's body.
Kabuto: .....
Panel switches to shikamaru, lee and the others.
Sakura: i have a really bad feeling
Lee: don't worry sakura, i will protect you with my life !
Shikamaru: hang in there naruto , we're all coming to help you.
Panel swiches to the madara and tobi fight.
Madara : you dance well , kid... Howerver ... You're too weak even with the kyuubi's power combined with yours.
Naruto: grrrr!!! This madara guy is super strong !!!
Gai and tobi trades blows and then KB put kakashi on the ground so he can rest himself a little.
Obito: you are a nuissance, guy. i will get rid of you soon.
Guy: don't underestimate my youth power !!! Haaaa!!!
Kyuubi: this is bad... We have to act quick naruto!!!
Naruto: yeah but i can't touch him even with my speed.
Madara: i'm not fighting seriously and yet, you're already defeated... I guess i can still play for a while.
The gedo statue starts to crack and ten tails start to grow. The statue is broken revealing the black fur and one rinnengan with tomoes in it. The panel swithes to the kages.
Tsunade: let's get going!!!
The other kages : YEAH !!!
The panel swiches to the madara and obito fight.
Naruto: grrrr!!! I can't give up yet .
Naruto become normal again.
Naruto: w... What happened ?!!
Madara: mmmmmm?
kyuubi: you've reach your limit in this transformation!!! This form is not yet perfect.
Naruto goes into KCM in seconds.
Naruto: then i will use this until i can use this Form again.
Guy gets hit back and then fall. He gets up and close his eyes to concentrate while tobi stands and look at him.
Tobi: what's wrong guy ? You've reach your limit ?
Guy: ............
Tobi: .......
Madara: so you have another form of the kyuubi, i see... Let's see what you can do.
Naruto makes 12 shadow clones jutsu and they all transform into KCM.
naruto: let's see if you can keep up with with 13 of us .
Madara: useless.
The clones start to attack but naruto and 3 more clones stay behind.
Naruto and his clones: mini rasenshuriken!!!
They throw it at madara while the other clones make big ball giant rasengan to attack madara.
Madara : .....
They all throw their attack at once which goes directly at madara.
Madara absorb them easily with pretta path easily like nothing.
Naruto: ( i forgot he has the rinnengan !!!)
Madara uses susanoo arm to finish off the 12 clones with ease leaving naruto alone.
Naruto painting heavily: .......... I'm reaching my limit!!! Dammit.
Madara appears behind naruto and hold him by the throat, keeping him from breathing.
Gai: ...........( naruto)
Bee: naruto!!!
Bee goes to naruto's rescue but tobi stops him and chain And put him in a cage so he can't move. He goes back to stand to face guy.
Tobi: well then, i will kill you now.
Guy: eight gate of death: OPEN
Guy's eye turn red , his body turns also green light covered by lighting while he grows big horns like kabuto's in DSM.
Tobi: haaaaa!!!!!!!
Tobi hits guy and seems to be hurt himself.
Tobi ????
Guy: you can't hurt me.
Tobi backes off
Tobi : ... Why ?
Guy: because those who open the 8th gate: the gate of death can't be hurt but can pass through anything howerver, there is a cost.
Tobi: what is it?
Guy: ..... Life....
Tobi: .......
Guy: even if i die, at least i will bring you with me because even if you use kamui, i will still touch you.
Tobi: i underestimated you.... But no matter.
Guy attacks tobi with a punch which hits him so hard that it makes him cough blood.
Tobi falls on the ground.
Tobi: cough cough
Guy: time to finish this obito....
Tobi ???
Guy: buffalo evening
Tobi gets hit by the attack and dies in the attack while guy falls and get parallized under the effect of the gates.
Guy coughs blood too .
Guy: cough cough cough... Kakashi.....
Kakashi too weak to get up: guy.....
Bee in the cage looks at guy: weird beast !!!
Gai: farewell ...... everyone.....
Guy dies. and tobi also.
Kakashi: thanks..... Guy ......
Tears rolling down kakashi's sharingan.
Madara is on the verge of extracting the nine tails naruto who is loosing consciousness and 2 shadows appear in the dust.
???: stop where you are
???: so you're madara uchiha
Madara : hmph , orochimaru.... It's been a long time.
Orochimaru uses his snake to attack madara who dodges it.
Sasuke attack with susanoo arow and madara absorb it with rinnengan.
The panel shows the reinforcents arriving on the battle field with the kages all healed. Sakura and other medical nin go to heal kakashi and naruto, and killer bee. The ten tails stands as madara goes on it's shoulder. The final battle begins. Alliance shinobi, kages, naruto, the k11,sasuke, orochimaru, killer B
and kakashi vs juubi and madara.

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