Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Naruto 603 Prediction: My Last Battle

Naruto 603 Prediction: My Last Battle
~Scene change to the final valley [Flashback]~

Hashirama: Madara! Why have you left the village!?

Madara: The Uchiha have been the Senju's dogs for too long..!

Hashirama: My friend please.. We can talk about this.

Madara: I never was your friend.. this was merely a way to keep my clan settled.. for years the old system ravaged every clan but we swore allegiance to those who shared our blood..

-Madara then uses fireball jutsu without seals point blank at Hashirama-

Hashirama:"right off the bat huh.. He's serious"

-Hashirama then uses Wood Release Advent of a world of world of flowering trees-

Madara:"Shit he intends to knock me out then drag me back"

-Madara uses Great fire annihilation to set the newly sprung trees on fire causing the pollen to rise with the smoke-

-a wooden branch then appears from the ground binding Madara a small branch then wraps around Madara's head and covers his Sharingan-

Hashirama: Madara please can we talk about this.. I ask of you one more time friend..

Madara: You always were to quick to drop your guard Hashirama.

-Madara's Susanoo materializes and punches Hashirama sending him flying several hundred feet away into a pile of rocks-

-the susanoo then picks the branches off Madara who stands there smiling-

Madara: I'm disappointed.. my rival has gone sloppy with his old age.

-Suddenly the rocks were Hashirama landed vibrate and one is sent flying in madara's direction with an explosive tag added-

Hashirama: I'll admit building a village can offput ones sparring practice but I'm more then capable of beating you.

-Madara's draws his gunbai and transfers susanoo's power into it causing it block the rock and dust to block Madara's eyesight-

-The dust settles and Hashirama has disappeared-

Madara: These new tactics of yours are weak Hashirama! Your the first hokage now.. fighting like this won't damage me.. We both know that.


-Hashirama is scene hurtling towards madara with a giant sword (similar to Siegfrieds from SC)-

-Madara is then slashed in his arm.. quite deep but still able to use his arm.. His gunbai able to block Hashirama from severing his arm off-

Madara: This is nothing!.

Hashirama: Hmmm.. You've got slower.

-Madara narrows his eyes glaring at Hashirama-

Madara: I have yet to show you.. The True Power Of The Uchiha!

Hashirama: The Mangekyou.. Heh' about time you used that Madara:

-Madara activates his EMS-

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