Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Naruto 603 Prediction: Kamui

Naruto 603 Prediction: Kamui
Obito: I will get out of this place you old fool!
Oldara: Go ahead young uchiha, there is the exit.
Obito got a determined look on his face. A third tomoe rises in his sharingan.
Oldara: ( already huh?)
Obito teleports away.
Oldara: What..!!?

A few feet further obito comes out of the teleportal.
Obito: Wha.. what just happened? He falls to the ground.

Oldara: This boy.. Thats why he survived his tragedy. He has the kamui of the sharingan.

Obito wakes up back in his bed, but he's tied up with ropes.
Obito: What do you wanna do with me you old pervert? Let me go!

Oldara: First you will hear my story what i have to tell you about me and the leaf.

Obito: Dont need to hear your story all i want is my friends by my side and not you! I heard many story's about you, you are a evil person!

Oldara: I heard that alot back in the days. But i only have one answer for this all.

Obito: ..? What is that?
Oldara: It started 70 years ago or so..(A FURTHER FLAAAASHBACK NEVER SEEEEN)

Next chapter: Senju vs Uchiha

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