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Naruto 604 Prediction: Born in death

Naruto 604 Prediction: Born in death
The scene shows Kakashi and Rin dashing at a very high speed.With them are two fodders. Behind them a young man with a messy light-grey hair, pink pupiless eyes, and a stitch scar, running from under his left eye, all the way down to his cheek. He is small in stature and wears a grey sleeveless shirt, with the Kirigakure headband attached to the metal platecovering his chest. Also, on his back he carries a staff like pole weapon with uneven sized hooks and with a green flower at the larger end.

Kakashi looks behind him and spots the one that is following them. His eyes widen in shock.

Kakashi shouts: Everyone!!! Hurry!! We've got the Mizukage himself on our tail!

Rin surprised: The Mizukage?!?

Kakashi thinking: We have no chance at beating him. Damn it...i have to protect the scroll containing the intel at we stole, but i also have to take care of Rin...what should i do...

Fodder 1 :Captain *Kakashi! What should we do?!?

Kakashi: Keep runing! If we maintain this speed,he won't be able to catch us.

Suddenly Yagura's voice is heard exactly in front of Kakashi.

Yagura: You're wrong.*

The Mizukage swings his staff towards Kakashi'shead, but the Konoha nin blocks it with a kunai that he was holding in his left hand. With his right hand he throws a scroll at Rin. She catches it.

Kakashi: Rin! Run!*

The girl starts dashing again at a high speed. Kakashi looks at the fodders and shouts.

Kakashi: Go with her! Protect her with your lives!I will hold him here!

Fodders: It's been an honor sir!

They both flee as they left Kakashi clashing with Yagura.

Yagura backs off a little and looks after them.

Yagura sighs: I will get to them later. It seems that i will have to deal with you first...

He turns and throws Kakashi a menacing glare. The young Hatake places his hand on the forehead protector and uncovers his Sharingan.

Yagura surprised: A must be the copy-cat ninja Kakashi Hatake.

Kakashi surprised: You know me?

Yagura: Your fame reached my ears.*

Kakashi: Then you must know...

Yagura stops him: I must know what? Were you about to lauch a threat, Kakashi? This is not the place to do such thing. You should withdraw and i might spare your pathetic life.

Kakashi: I cannot withdraw! I must hold you!

Yagura: Interesting. You must hold me. You didn't say that you must defeat me. It means that deep down know that you will die here.

Kakashi as he takes a battle stance: I will not die! And if i die...i'm taking you with me!!!

Kakashi launches himself towards Yagura. The jounin delivers a side kick that the Mizukage blocks easily. Kakashi then jumps as he is making handsigns.

Kakashi: Fire release! Grand fireball jutsu!

He spits from his mouth a giant fireball at Yagura.

Yagura as he is making handsigns: Water release! Water wall!

A water wall appears in front of Yagura and shields hm from the flames. From the contact of the two jutsus, steam is released. Yagura looks ahead just when Kakashi emerges from the steam wielding a Chidori and aiming it at the Mizukage's head.

Kakashi shouts: Take this!!!

Yagura quickly makes a couple of handsigns.

Yagura: Water release! Water mirror technique!

A mirror appears in front of Kakashi. The reflection of the jounin wields also a chidori. Justwhen the young Hatake was about to hit it, the reflectiond responds, blocking Kakashi's own jutsu. The jounin lands on his feet several meters away.

Kakashi thinking: That mirror creates a reflection that is able to repel my attack by responding with the same jutsu. *I must find a way around it...

Yagura smiles and looks at Kakashi.

Yagura: By the look in your eyes i think that you already deduced my jutsu. Anyway, i am not going to waste any more time with you, Kakashi.*

Slowly from Yagura's back three chakra tails emerge. Kakashi looks at them shocked.

Kakashi: What the...!?!

Yagura smiling: I am the jinchuuriki of the three tailed beast. And i fully control it. It's time for you to get out of my way Kakashi.

Instantly two of the three tails hit Kakashi right in the chest throwing him several meters away. The man remains uncouncious.

Yagura smiles: Now...let's take care of the others!

The scene shows Rin and the fodders dashing away.

Fodder 1: Do you think that Captain Kakashi is going to be ok?

Fodder 2 : I don't know...he is fighting the won't be easy at all.

Rin nervous: Could you both shut up!?! Kakashi isgoing to come back! He will beat that guy and catch up with us soon!

Suddenly Yagura's voice is heard.

Yagura: Your confidence in Hatake Kakashi is amazing. Did you really thought that he would have a chance against me?

Yagura lands exactly in front of them. The Konoha nins takes battle stances.

Yagura: It's useless. Don't make me kill you. If you just give me back the scroll i will let you live.If you don't...let's say that you will join Kakashi.

Rin shouts: Bastard! What have you done to him?!?

Yagura: Who knows...hand me the scroll and i will take you to him. I will even let you leave with him.

Rin: I won't give you anything. I don't think that you will let us alive! So i might as well take my chances with you!

Yagura with a menacing look: Sweetheart, you think that if Kakashi wasn't able to beat me, you will?

The scene shows Obito dashing at a very high speed towards Rin's location. He is all wrapped in Zetsu flesh.

Obito thinking: Just a little more...

He suddenly lands and looks in front of him. The two Konoha fodders are lying on the ground. They were decapitated. And the next image shocks him even further. The scene shows Yagura that holds and injured and bloody Rin, byher neck.*

Yagura: This is your end...

Obito shouts and jumps in front of the Mizukage. He punches him away. Yagura releases Rin as hegets throwned away. But he quickly regains his posture.

Yagura: Who are you?!?

Obito holds Rin in his arms and looks at the Mizukage.

Obito: I am her friend! *And i'm here to save her!

Yagura smiles: Then you might wanna hurry. I gave her a fatal blow. She is moments away from her death.

Obito stares at Rin, as he notices the giant hole in her stomach.

Yagura slowly starts vanishing.

Yagura: And i got the intel Konoha nins...are all failures...

Obito looks at him as he leaves the place. The young Uchiha places Rin on the ground and tries to help her. A white Zetsu appears next to him.

Obito desperate: Help her!!! Help her like you helped me!

Zetsu: It cannot be done. Her body is not compatable with me. She must be either an Uchiha or a Senju. I'm sorry.

Obito shouts desperate: NOOOO!!!!

Suddenly Rin's voice is heard. Is more like a whisper.

Rin: Who...who are you...?

The Zetsu flesh on Obito's face retreats, revealing himself to Rin.

Rin:'re alive...

Obito starts crying: Rin...i'm so sorry...i wasn't able to save you...

Rin places her hand on his cheek and smiles.

Rin: Don't be sorry Obito...i...i never got to tell you this...but if i don't do it now...i will never get the moment again...Obito...i...lo...i

Obito shocked: love me?!?

Rin smiles: I always loved you...but i was too scared to tell you...

Obito as he cries: I love you too Rin! I always loved you and i will always love you!

Rin as she slowly fades away: your dreams....

Her hand falls lifeless from Obito's cheek. She died with a smile on her face. Only Obito's eyes are seen. Filled with tears. And slowly the Mangekyou is forming in his Sharingan eye.

The panel shows Madara's cave. The old Uchiha waked up and he was waiting for Obito.

Madara: You're back. What happend?

Obito as he stays with his back at Madara: Tell me Madara...what is your plan?

Madara: Place the world into an infinite genjutsu. Thus, there will be eternal peace. The arrogance, hatred and desperation will vanish.

Obito: And one can mold that genjutsu? One can bend it into his own view of the world?

Madara: Of course. The Infinite Tsukuyomi will allow each person to modelate his world as he enjoys it, without affecting other people.*

Obito: So...if i would want to revive some in this genjutsu? Would i be able to do it?

Madara: Exactly. You can do anything you want. You can be anyone. You can be with anyone...

Obito turns around and looks at Madara with his Mangekyou activated. His eyes are filled with determination.

Obito with a menacing tone: Teach me what I have to do!

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