Thursday, 20 September 2012

Naruto 603 Prediction: DEATH OF RIN

Obito: What will you do to me if you really are Madara?

Madara: I will leave a mission to you that will benefit me in the future

Obito: I cant understand anything you say!!!! (Obito plans to run)

Madara: I said its useless!! with your half body crushed, and hashirama cell is not yet fully cured your body you cannot run or at least walk!

Obito: Damn it! I need to go back to Sensei (Minato) Kakashi and Rin

Madara: Why do you need to go back to them, they are just low levels unlike us! As the Uchiha Blood runs thru our veins we should be treated as Leaders and Elites!

Obito: All you are saying, whats your point, we are wasting time here!!!

Madara: Fool!! Let me tell you our real story!! why you shouldnt go back!!

(Madara activates sharinggan) (Obito sees thru illusion)

Madara: Take a look with the reality!!!

Obito: .....

(Scene changes to illusion via Sharinggan)

** "A" Mission for Kakashi and Rin

Kakashi: We should deliver this Letter to Sensei!

Rin: What is it??

Kakashi: It is a leakage about the real purpose of the current war

Rin: Leakage?? could this mean that there is a planned purpose for all of this??

Kakashi: I think so, Since the Stone country push their all military forces for this war

Rin: I get it, we must hurry!

(Scene showing huge numbers of Stone Ninjas around 50 ninjas)

*Stone Ninja Cast: Boulder Smash Stone Jutsu

Kakashi: Look out! (Casts Raikiri to destroy the boulder)

Rin: Kakashi Thanks!, but look we are cornered

*5 Stone Ninjas Splitted together coming towards Rin and Kakashi

(Scene showing Kakashi fighting 3 of them) (While the other 2 captured Rin)

Kakashi: Damn it! they are to many to handle, Shit They got Rin!!!

Rin: Kakashi GO!! just leave me Sensei need those information to counter the Stone Country and better to win this war

Kakashi: Thinking (Obito says "I leave rin to you!! Protect her kakashi, with my other eye with you, we will both see the future"

Kakashi: No!! (cast raikiri)

Kakashi killed all 49 Ninja with Raikiri and Sharinggan Activated..

1 Stone Ninja: We underestimated this guy, (Who is he) I got no choice
(Hand Signal: Cast) (I need to destroy those information)

1 Stone Ninja: Forbidden Jutsu! Stone Chaos!!!!

1 Stone Ninja: (Holding Rin as kidnapped) (Told Rin in low voice) Hey kid!! Leaf Ninjas are quite good huh! How about this, If your guy killed me, I already cast a jutsu that is suicidal where in if he killed me it will activated to release huge amount of boulders to kill and smash this entire area. I think its better than dying huh! at least the information gathered will be destroyed.

Rin: You freak!!! let me go!! (I need to tell kakashi)

Kakashi: (Only one left) (Casts Raikiri) Run and Explode!!!

(Scene Showing Kakashi thrust his raikiri to a body)


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