Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Naruto 602 Prediction: Young Uchiha

Naruto 602 Prediction: Young Uchiha

~Scene shows a heavily wounded Obito on the bed Madara looking over him~

Obito: Who are you... I can't feel my leg or arm..

Madara: I am Uchiha Madara.. I brought you here and healed you.. it will take a few days before you can feel your body.

Obito: But I was crushed the fact I'm still alive is...

-Obito begins hyperventilating.. a decrepid Madara moves to him placing an oxygen mask on Obito-

-Madara then sits in a chair besides the bed and several hours pass-

Madara: Do you want to know why I saved your life?

-Obito's eyes widen as he looks in suspense at Madara-

Madara: Because you are the one shinobi who can end all the worlds hatred..All the pointless wars .. more will follow unless you accept your role..

-Madara leans over and takes off Obito's oxygen mask-

Obito: If thats my role I will accept it.. Where are my comrades.. Kakashi, Rin?

Madara: The boy you speak of.. He is alive.. the girl he let die..

Obito: Rin..died.

Madara: She is unfortunately another shinobi who has suffered because of this cruel world.

Obito: I don't believe you!..

-obito gasps for air-

Madara: Calm down boy.. You're no good to anyone dead, Tell me what happened to your other eye?..

Obito: I gave it to Kakashi as a present for becoming a Jonin

Madara: Foolish child.. the visual prowess of an Uchiha belongs only to our clan..


Obito: Madara-San.. How are you alive?

Madara:... Ahh you are referring to how my passing is believed to have happened at the final valley all those years ago.

Obito: ...

Madara: I will show you my battle be warned though child.. No one but you and Zetsu know that I am still very much alive..

-Madara activates his sharingan and begins to show Obito has fabled battle with Hashirama Senju-

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