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Naruto 601 prediction: Madara steps onto the battle field

Naruto 601 prediction: Madara steps onto the battle field
Naruto: madara...

flahs back...

oonoi: leave this battle to us naruto you fight the mask and...

five kages: WIN!


naruto: i thought grandma tsunade old man tsuhikage and raikage were fighting you what happened to them!

madara: those weaklings... i tossed them aside like garbage, but most of them live...

naruto: most?

flash back oonoki is seen standing infront of the five kages bearly breathign a barrier behind him.

oonoki: i won't let you touch them dust release barrir! this barrir won't fade untill they step out of it themselfs anything it touchs other then whats inside is turned to dust!

madara: i killed that oonoki brat the othe rfour were lucky i couldn't find a way to the barrrier and that time was short the juubi is only minutes away from revival!

obito: well grandfather are you ready to end this?

kakashi: grand father?

obito: madara hatred flows though my veins just as much as it does sauske, this is the curse all uchiha have its why we suffer but soon it'll be you senju dogs that will suffer!

madara: i see the plans didn't go as well as we hoped.

kakashi: why... * flash back of rin* it's all my fault * tears falling off his face* if only.... if only.

obito: its to late now kakashi.

kakashi: i've spent my whole life mouring my mistakes because... because of you... and yet...

obito: its your own fault but don't worry you can tlk to sensei and rin about it all in the next life.

kakashi: sensei, rin * kakahsi collapses*

naruto: kakashi sensei!

guy: anruto this is alot for kakashi to absorb obito saved kakashis life and gave him the sharungan kakashi has blamed himself everyday he's always late because he stands infont of their graves.

obito: my point exactly had this hero been able to save rin there wouldn't have been any graves at all.

naruto: your kakahsi team mate taht mean s you were a student of the fourth my dad, why did you do this to my sensei my father my village, my life my friends!

madara: it was all for the moon eyes plan.

naruto: shut up you'll pay for this I'M GONNA RIP YOU INTO SHREDS!

madara: that nine tails brat has a temper how can he control the kyuubi so well like that?

naruto: for my sensei, for my father my friends my master and the old man tsuchikage you'll both pay!

naruto tries to go full kyuubi but madara activates his sharingan.

madara: kyuubi brat you should know better then to use that power against me.

naruto: it burns.

kurama: naruto he's trying to gain control you need to cancel bm!

naruto returns to normal.

naruto: without kurama i can't use anything my chakras all worn out.

madara: kurama? that monster has a name?

naruto: yes and he's not a monster he's my comrade from konohagakyre!

madara: a all powerful demon reduced to some childs friend how cute and disgusting weaklings are disgusting and don't belong in my world.

naruto: you bastard...

kakashi: sensei, rin, obito for so long.

guy: snap out of it kakashi!

madara: its time i hope your ready, for the end of this world!

guy: naruto, kakashi this isn't the end yet pick your selfs up.

naruto: giving up was never an option, kakahsi sensei that man is no longer your comrade he's fully lost i could feel the hate inside him its worse then sauskes he's now just a monster with your friends face!

kakashi: your right naruto lets end this.

the ten tails is seen behind madara and obito the allied ninja forces behind naruto kakahsi guy and bee ( now in his normal form)

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