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Naurto 604 prediction: Tobi

Naurto 604 prediction: Tobi
spirl zetsu: your welcome.

then in one swing the boulder is completely broken in half.

obito: wow what power.

spirl zetsu: lets go save rin and stupid kakashi yay!

They head out arriving on the battle field kakashi and rin both in anbu uniform are next to each other panting mist growing thicker by the second. obito is seen in the panel next to them rushing to their location.

Kakashi: a member of the seven swords men of the mist and more *pant *pant*

rin: what are their positions?

kakashi: i can't tell the mist is blocking my sharingan...

rin: obito...

kakashi: its my fault he died i won't let it happen to anyone else!

kakashi blocks shuriken that continue to bombard them. A ninja appears behind kakashi wielding the executioners blade and swings it kakashi a has rin duck while he blocks it with his sword but more ninja appear and grab rin.

Kakashi: RIN!

kiri ninja: if you want the girl to live you'll give us the scroll.

rin: kakashi don't listen to him you have to get that scroll back to teh leaf! forget about me!

kakashi: i can't i promised obito...

rin: please kakashi you can't let them if we fail the mission then...

kakashi: i'd rather be trash and protect my friend's then complete the missiong and be worse then trash.

Rin: this is differnt kakashi!

kiri: com'on kid give us the scroll, unless you'd rather i kill her and you?

kakashi backs off and uses chidori rushing at the ninja with rin as he tries to stab rin the real kakashi appears behind the ninja and kills him with the chidori the one they saw a genjutsu from the mist.

kiri ninja: dame he copied our mist copy ninjutsu.

kakashi: with this sharingan i can copy anything i see.

other ninja with zabzuas sword: then you must be the copy ninja kakashi hatake.

kakashi: i won't let you take the scroll!

more ninja appear.

???: we'll see about that.

rin: we're surronded.

kakashi: earth style mud wall!

walls of mud raise from teh ground protecting rin and kakashi.

rin: kakashi get back to the leaf.

kakashi: what?

rin: i'll stop them.

kakashi: don't say that i won't ever forgive myself if i let you die!

rin: i'm sorry kakashi, but the next time you'll see me i'll be next to obito in the other lfie waiting for you.

kakashi: what?

rin knocks kakashi out with medical ninjutsu.

rin: obito wouldn't be happy if we both died out here you tried your best.

rin summons pakkun and tell him to take kakashi to the dog summoning area and then to konoha. finally trnasforming into kakashi she heads out and faces the kiri ninja. obito later arrives to find a dead rin.

obito: i... was to late.

spril zetsu: you couldn't have done anything to save them to begin with your still to weak.

obito: why kakashi... why didn't you protect her.

spril zetsu; stuff like this would never happen in madaras world mugen tyomi.

obito: mugen tsukomi... whats your name?

tobi: my name is tobi the other one is zetsu.

obito: tobi... huh tell me more of this plan.

obito picks up rins body and begisn to head back to madaras hideout.

chapter ends with a close up of obitos face with his ms.

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