Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Naruot 615 Prediction: UNEXPECTED

Obito : I thought you wouldn't let me kill a single one of your comrades? Naruto.
Naruto : ?!!
(The Genius, Hyuuga Neji!! in his grand final moment....)
Hinata : Neji nii-san, ?!! [The mark on his forehead, gone?!!] (falls on her knees) Neji nii-san!!
Naruto : Neji?!! Neji?!! (looks at Hinata) Hinata!! (holds Neji's arms but Neji falls down) ?!!! Neji?!! Neji?!!
Hinata : It's no use. It's no use, Naruto-kun. Neji nii-san is dead
Naruto : ?!! What are you talking about, Hinata? Neji?!!
Hiashi : ?!! The swastik mark, the curse mark on his forehead vanished away. He is freed from the curse as well as from this world.
Naruto : That's not true, a silly mark won't decide whether he is dead or not. (looks at Neji's peaceful face)
(tears roll over from his eyes)
[Neji : Because... I was called a Genius]
Obito : I told you, this world will only hurt us. I-
Naruto : Shut up!!!!
Hiashi : Calm down, Naruto!!
Naruto : How can I? How can I calm down?!! (puts down Neji's corpse) How can I try to calm down (starts running towards Obito) when my friends are dying for me?!!
Obito : You are-
Naruto : ?!! (stops) (looks down) ?!! (looks back)
(Shikamaru holds Naruto with Shadow Possession Jutsu)
Shikamaru : Calm down Naruto!! You're the key to this strategy. We can't lose you.
Naruto : (stands with his face down) Why? Why Shikamaru? They killed everyone at the HQ, they killed Neji, they killed so many shinobis. How can you stay so calm?
Shikamaru : (for a while gets depressed) This is not the time to get mad and attack them without any strategy. My old man delivered the strategy even when his life was at danger. (looks at Obito and Madara) They will pay for what they did but they has the upper hand (looks at Juubi) So we must walk our steps carefully.
Madara : That kid is smart, Obito. You must deal with him first or else-
Obito : There's no need for your advice. I'll deal with them.
Madara : (smirks) Hmmm. (stands quietly) [You'll pay for it.]
Kakashi : Shikamaru's right Naruto. You are the only one who is capable to defeat them. We are only the one to make your way to them. So that you attack at their heart. It's a one hit kill strategy. You must have patience.
Naruto : .....
Kakashi : Neji did his best from his side and sacrificed himself for you, for the peace. You must respect his sacrifice.
Naruto : ......
Hiashi/Hinata/Shikamaru : ......
Obito : Enough of your conversation!! (one of the Juubi's tail attacks Naruto)
Shikamaru : Damn it!! (Jumps back)
(Naruto jumps back along with Shikamaru)
(Others jumps back carrying Neji's corpse)
Shikamaru : Hey Naruto, how long will it take to use Kyuubi's chakra?
Naruto : ?!! But my Bijuudama will be useless against Juubi's.
Shikamaru : That's true. But they can't use it here. If they wanted, they could have used it already.
Naruto : What do you mean?
Kakashi : If they uses Juubi's Bijuudama here. The whole area will be destroyed. Can't say about the Juubi but they will also get caught into the blast.
Naruto : ?!!
Shikamaru : We must stop them before the Juubi gets completed.
Naruto : What? Juubi is still incomplete?
Shikamaru : The Eight tails and Nine tails are still not in their hands. So we still have the chance of winning.
Shikamaru : We must start our plan as soon as you gets ready.
Naruto : .....
[Naruto : Kurama, how long will it take? I can't lose my comrades any more.
Kurama : ?!! That's enough Naruto!! (stops gathering chakra and sleeps down)
Naruto : ?!! What happened? Kurama, why did you stop gathering chakra.(Kurama closes his eyes)
Kurama : Tsk(avoids Naruto)
Naruto : ?!!]
Naruto : Shit!!
Kakashi : What happened Naruto?
Shikamaru : ?!!
Naruto : It's Kyuubi. He's not gathering chakra. And he is not answering to me. Damn, at such a time he is not helping me.
Kakashi/Shikamaru : What?!!
Shikamaru : This will be dangerous for all of us. We need him. Naruto you must convince him at all costs.
Naruto : But I don't know what is the reason. I'm helpless.
Kakashi : ?!! [So that's the reason] Naruto!! Try talking him once again.
Naruto : I'll try Kakashi sensei.
[Naruto : Hey Kurama. What's wrong with you. Why are you not gathering chakra?
Kurama : (that Kakashi brat understood it) (gets up) Naruto!! Force me to gather chakra.
Naruto : Hmm? What? Why should I? You are my friend. I can't hurt you.
Kurama : So you think you can defeat me easily just because you beat me once? Get ready!! (Attacks Naruto with his claws) This time I won't let you defeat me that easily.
Naruto : ?!! (barely dodges) What's wrong with you?
Kurama : (growls louder at him and hits Naruto with his tails and prepares for a Bijuudama)
(A huge sphere of concentrated chakra forms into a tiny ball and is gulped by Kurama)
Kurama : I am going to kill you Naruto. Be ready for it. (smoke comes out of his mouth)
Naruto : ?!! Why are you doing it? (Falls on his knees)
Kurama : Hmm? The Hachibi is also not here for your help. Farewell!!(blasts out the Bijuudama)]

(What happened to Kurama?)

Naruto : ?!! (falls down unconscious)
Kakashi/Shikamaru/Sakura/Hinata/Others : ?!!
Sakura/Hinata : Naruto?!!
Sakura : He must have exhausted himself. I'll just heal him(sits nearby and starts healing him) ?!! (Kyuubi growls at her) Huh?!!(screams and falls back)
Hinata : Sakura-chan what happened?
Sakura : The Kyuubi. It stopped me from healing Naruto.
Hinata/Shikamaru : ?!!
Kakashi : [As expected] Shikamaru, take Naruto away from here and protect him and wait till he gets conscious. (looks at Juubi) We must buy some time.
Shikamaru : Ok?!! (holds him and retreats)[Damn it. What happened to Naruto?]
Darui : Lightning style: Black Panther!!!
Shinobis : Lightning style: Lightning Waves!!!
(Two Black Panthers surrounded by Lightning waves attacks the Wooden spikes coming from Juubi's tails)
(The Panthers tries to nullify as much as Wooden spikes)
(Samurais are shown cutting down the wooden spikes as more as possible. While some gets nailed while chopping them off)
Kakashi : ?!! [Naruto, you must deal with the Kyuubi soon] Sakura!! take away the wounded to a safe place and heal them. Ino!! inform the medical teams. But don't tell them about Naruto's condition.
Sakura/Ino : Yes!!
Sakura : [Naruto]
Ino : (Makes handsigns) [Medical ninjas listen up...]
Kakashi : Kurotsuchi!! Use your Earth style for the wounded and guard it.
Kurotsuchi : Yes!!
Kakashi : Kitsuchi!! stop its movements.
Kitsuchi : Yes!! Earth style users!! Earth Style : Dark Swamp!!
Earth Syle Users : Earth Style : Dark Swamp!!
(The ground near the Juubi turns into a swamp but couldn't cover up the whole area and the Juubi stands in the swamp with its legs sunk in it)
Kitsuchi : Make it more deep.
Juubi : (growls)
Obito : Damn it. Those pests.
Madara : Don't expect any help from me anymore except providing Hashirama's wood style to strengthen the control. You can play with them as long as you want. I'm just waiting for you to get exhausted.
Obito : [Damn it] Don't bother yourself. (The Juubi's tails holds the ground and tries to come out of the swamp)
Nara clan : Shadow Stitching Jutsu!!
(Several members of Nara clan uses the jutsu and stitches through the tails of the Juubi together to avoid it from using to get out from the swamp)
Choza : Choji!!
Choji : Yes Pa!!
Choza/Choji : Expansion Jutsu!!
(Jumps near Juubi's tails and hold them tight as long as they can)
Choji : Pa!! Hold him tight!! (goes in butterfly mode and fly as long as possible) Here I come (approaches Juubi with full speed) [Naruto, hurry up!!] [all chakra to my righy fist] (The chakra gathers around Choji's right fist) Haaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! (about to punch Juubi)
Obito : ?!![I have to loosen up Juubi a little bit]
Juubi : ?!! (watches approaching Choji with his only eye) (growls louder)
Choza : Dammit!! [Choji] ?!! (The tails of the Juubi burst out throwing Choza away and breaking the Shadow stitches)
Nara Clan : Dammit!!
Choji : Huh?!! [I must hurry] Take this!! ?!!
(Juubi blocks the punch with his hand and grabs it tight and puts out his one feet from the swamp)
Choji : ?!!
Obito : Shit!! Its not getting under control.
(Juubi creates a Bijuudama at point blank range to destroy Choji. The chakra in Choji's fist also gets absorbed by the Bijuudama)
(Choji undo's the jutsu but Juubi holds him in his palm and prevent him from running away)
(Juubi points the Bijuudama at his hand)
Choza/Kakashi/Others : ?!!!
(Naruto in Sage mode throws RS at Juubi)
Kakashi/Others : ?!!
Obito : ?!!
Madara : Hmm.
(The RS hits the Juubi's arm and expands making it to loosen its grip)
(Choji jumps off from Juubi's hand)
Obito : [This is the chance] (several woods emerges out from his back and his left leg and pierces into Juubi's head and taking the full control, preventing him from releasing the Bijuudama)
Madara : Hmm (looks at Obito)
(Obito is shown breathing hard)
Kakashi : Thanks Naruto. You saved our butts once again. So you dealt with Kyuubi? Or I should say he brought you back to your senses.
Naruto : Huh? So you knew it? Hehh Sorry about that? [But some work is remaining to deal with Kurama] (remembers)
[(Kyuubi's bijuudama hits Naruto directly)
Naruto : Arghhhhh!!!
(The water splashes away from the blast as it ascends)
Kurama : Hmm. Still one more bijuudama and you'll be dead.
(Naruto gets up but he is little faded away)
Naruto : (looks at himself) What is going on with me?
Kurama : You are the chakra form of yourself. As long as I hit you with the Bijuudama your chakra will fade away and in the end you die.
Naruto : ?!!
Kurama : I need only one more bijuudama to kill you. But it will take time for me too since I am not at my full power.
Naruto : ?!! But why the hell are you doing thi-
Kurama : And what the hell are you doing? (attacks again)
Naruto : ?!! (Dodges the attack) What ... What I did?
Kurama : What you did? What is your dream? What did you wanted from the start? Wasn't your dream to become the Hokage? The strongest Hokage that have become ever. Even when you were not knowing about me sealed inside you.
Naruto : ?!!
(remembers when Iruka treats him after Naruto washes off the paint from Hokage's faces)[I'm going to become the greatest Hokage ever so that no one will disrespect me and will look up to me]
Kurama : Then why now of all the places? Why are you so much relying on me and making your comrades to sacrifice for you? This is not the Naruto I knew from the past three years. The Naruto who fought for his comrades and believing in his own strength to protect them. What if Madara captures me and the hachibi and becomes the jinchuuriki of the Juubi? Will you give up just because you don't have any one to help you or you don't believe in your strength to fight back?
Naruto : ?!!
(remembers when he knews that he hurt Sakura at the Tenchi bridge)[I won't rely on him. I will become stronger to protect my comrades]
Kurama : Just look around the battlefield. What are the others doing there out? They are not even strong enough to fight against the Juubi. But still they are trying.
Naruto : ?!! (Senses the outside world, the fighting Shinobis with Juubi toe to toe)
Kurama : And what you were doing? Your comrade sacrificed himself just to save a pest like you.
Naruto : ?!!(remembers Neji dying)(falls on his knees)
(tears rolls down his eyes as he understands his mistake)
Naruto : I...I'm...I'm sorry Kurama!! I really depend upon you too much.?!!
Kurama : ?!!
(They senses the Juubi's chakra after Obito loosen up the ropes)
Kurama : Everyone tried their best to stop the Juubi. But Juubi will just destroy the whole battlefield. Just accept it. Madara is too powerful for me too. It's too late for the regrets. Die!!
Naruto : (dodges the attack) No Kurama!! I won't let my comrades die even if you won't help me.
Kurama : You can't do anything to save them.
Naruto : It may be true that I won't be able to defeat the Juubi but atleast I'll try my best in my last moments.
Kurama : ?!! [His chakra?]
(Naruto's decision to fight back gives him strength and his chakra solidifies)]
(Naruto gets conscious)
Shikamaru : ?!! Naruto!! Too late we're doomed. (Juubi is about to release his bijuudama over Choji and the battlefield)
Naruto : [Even when I was unconscious and fighting with Kurama, I was able to gather natural energy] Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!!
Naruto : Kakashi Sensei, Shikamaru, Hinata, Hiashi-sama, Neji I'm very sorry for my mistake. I depended on Kyuubi too much.
Shikamaru/Hinata/Hiashi : ?!!
Kakashi : The old Naruto is finally back huh.
[Naruto : Kurama, lets continue our fight.
Kurama : It's enough for me to bring you back to your senses.
Naruto : Huh? Are you sure? That was needed for me. Thank You Kurama.
Kurama : I guess I must get down to business since you won't be able to defeat Madara even if you rely on your own strength.
Naruto : Heh? (scratches his head)]
Obito : I would thank you Naruto. Or else I would have lost control of the Juubi and killed myself too.
Naruto : Huh?!!
Shikamaru : [Does this mean that they both are not going along the same plan?]

(What's the next plan?)

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