Friday, 21 December 2012

Naruto 615 - A Saddening Death

Obito: Didn't you say that you wouldn't let your friends die....Naruto!
Naruto: I'm... I'm going to ****ing kill you!!!!!!!
Shikamaru: Naruto, calm down. We can't have you going apeshit mode, it will ruin the whole strategy!
Kakashi: Shikamaru is right, Naruto. Stay calm and let's prevent the next casualty.
Naruto: grrrrr...
Hinata: Neji-niisan...

Flash Back - Neji & Hinata in the Hyuuga Manor Before the War

Neji: Hinata-sama, there's something I need to speak with you about regarding the upcoming war...
Hinata: What is it, Neji-san?
Neji: I won't be able to protect you as I've done in the past, we'll both be situated at different locations and I can't disobey the orders...
Hinata: Neji-san, stop. Don't you worry, I'm much stronger than I used to be. *I'll show you, Naruto!*
Neji: That's good. But promise me that if you end up against an opponent that you cannot defeat, that you will run away and live on life and aboveall keep the Hyuuga lineage alive!
Hinata: .... I will never give up. We will win this war. And the Hyuuga's won't fail. We're the Konohas strongest after all!
Neji: *Smirks* Heh... You're right. That reminds me. There's something I must ask of you...
Hinata: It's the eyes, isn't it?
Neji: Yes... Since we are the strongest of Konoha, and wield superb eye techniques that many people wishes to get their hands on, we cannot allow anyone to take it from us, especially since the War may not be over after the masked man has been defeated... The Villages may go back to their original status in which case our eye techniques will be crucial in the saving of Konoha.
Hinata: I understand Nii-san, but if worst comes to worse and one of us ends up a casulty, how will we proceed?
Neji: *Naruto: Because You're a genuis!* ... If I die, I want you to give my eyes to Naruto. I have faith in him, he changed the way I used to be, brought me light to this world, and I believe he will be the savior of it all. He deserves this and if I can contribute to his cause even in death, then that is something I will gladly do.
Hinata: Nii-san.....

Back to Present

Hinata: Sakura-san, please come over here. Nejii nii-san had a final request in the event where he would die....
Naruto: ?!
Sakura is shown landing beside Nejiis body
Sakura: What is it, Hinata?
Hinata: His dying wish was that Naruto would inheriate his Eye techniques. He wants to support Naruto and the ninja world even in his death. It's an honorable thing for a Hyuuga to do, give up their eyes for the better cause. Please start right away.
Sakura: *Neji...* I will. Naruto, sit absolutely still while I'm doing this eye transplant.
Naruto: I will.... *Neji, I can't thank you enough. Your death will not have been in vain, I will be your eyes, and I will save this world, you just watch me!!*

Obito: Nostalgic, isn't it, Kakashi? Kind of reminds me of the old days... *As if I'm going to let history repeat itself!*
Obito: Katon: Gouryuuka No Jutsu *Targets Naruto, Sakura, Hinata and the dead Nejii*
Kakashi: *Naive as ever, Obito...* Suiton: Water Encampment Wall!
The Water wall blocks the Katon jutsu completely, and steam is shown heading towards the sky...
Kakashi: Everyone, protect Naruto! If he can get the Kyuubi's chakra as well as the Byuakugan there's no telling what his power will be, it's a bet we'll have to take!
Everyone: Yes, Captain!
Shikamaru: Hit them with all you've got, use nature combinations if you can!

Sution Users: Suiton: Suikoudan no Jutsu
Katon Users: Katon: Endan!
Doton Users: Doton: Yomi Numa *Puts the juubi out of balance*
Lightning Users: Raiton: Sandaa Saaburu!
Darui: Fuuton Users, sync up with me, it'll be deadly, yo!
Fuuton Users: Fuuton: Kezegaeshi Darui: Black Lightning: Double Black Panther

Madara: *Annoying pests...* Obito, you know what to do...
Obito: Yeah...

Madara and Obito both control the Juubi to an extent where they manage to get 8 out of 10 tails to block the incoming Jutsu, but the Juubi is still out of balance due to the Doton and is damaged just a small bit..

Kiba: All that and we barely scratched him!
Gai: This is called stalling, shut your piehole and keep attacking, for Neji!

Naruto's Mind

Kurama: Naruto... My chakra is ready, but I have to speak with you first...
Naruto: What is it, Kurama?
Kurama: You just got yourself a new pair of eyes, one of the three most valuable eyes in the history of the world.. There's no telling how my Chakra nor how your own body will react to it, are you sure you're ready to fight?
Naruto: I'll be fine. I won't lose this, we'll work together, all of us, and we'll win this. For Neji. I'll be his eyes until I'm dead myself.
Kurama: *Heh, so noble all of a sudden...* Alright, let's do this Naruto! I'll chunk out the most stable of Chakra I possess.
Naruto: What does that mean???
Kurama: *But still an idiot, meh...* It means since I just gathered all this chakra, it's much more stable than the previous large tank of my Chakra that you used, which means the length of your Kyuubi Mode is now at least five times as long, or for an idiot like you, 25-30 minutes.
Naruto: Teheh, let's win this!

Back to present

Naruto is shown over 4 panels on a whole page.
Panel 1: Sage Mode markings that look kind of crippled are showing on the closed-eyed Naruto
Panel 2: Naruto Stands up
Panel 3: Naruto opens his eyes and reveals Sage Mode / Byakuugan
Naruto: Guys, Kurama is ready! *Let's do this!*
Kurama: *Heh...*
Panel 4: Kyuubi Mode is activated - Sage Mode / Byakuugan 'crippled' markings + Kyuubi Mode + Vertical Kyuubi EyeLine is shown
Everyone: Let's win this shit!

To be continued...

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