Tuesday, 25 December 2012

NARUTO 615 - Invincible Immortal

Naruto drops Neji.....With tears running down his face. And says under his breathe....That its not to late to stop all of this. Saying this still a chance for you to come back to the light.

Obito Goes insane and starts screaming out. I just killed you friend. Your family is dead because of me The world is in shambles. What about the hatred, the lost, the total despair. You dont have a hope of winning. Submit to

Naruto...Yes...You did end the lives of many shinobi, my friend, and my family. But....its alright because they are all still alive.

Hinata starts crying and obito is beweilderd.

Naruto: They live on in each and everyone of us. In our memories and in our heart. Neji will live on in our memories of his comrades friends and families. I realies that is what it means to truly be alive. To be acknowleged. Thats why we are not going to lose. To protect not only the shinobi world. But our legacy. Our memories. And our future. No matter how messed up it will be. Mistakes...losses, and hatred will always be there. But knowing how to live and move on to remember those why we have such hatred in our hearts and to have the courage to make sure no one else has to know that hatred is good enough for me. Neji, Jiraiya, Gramps, Mom and dad.....even Sasuke

Obito: STOP you can have all of it. Everyone will be alive. You will be hokage. Sasuke will be back. You wont know the difference. Everything will be perfect. There will be no need for hope or despair. Everything will be perfect.

Naruto: I wish all my dreams would come true. But people died for a reason. to make a better future. I cant forsake their lives...Then they will truly be dead. Plus. It wouldnt be real. I rather be loser in real life with my own hands then be hokage in some fake dream world.

Obito: Stop.....(Flash backs of rin)

Kakashi: Obito he is right....We can never bring Rin back. Even if she exist and live in that dream world. We could never predict how she would change or grow. At the end of the day it would just be lie

Obito: *Rages and breaks free from Juubi as madara is left alone to tame it while it goes beserk. He lunges at Naruto using Kamui going insane. sucking in everything around him like a vaccum. Shinobi get sucked it and ripped to shreads by it. Obito tries to kill Naruto But Kakashi uses kamui to negate it and tackle them as they are left in the dimension to their own means.

Kakashi: stands up doing hand signs as his sharingan turns off. and Raikiri starts crackeling.


Kakashi: .....You were once a hero of the leaf. Even know. Back then....You are stll a hero to me. But it times to finish this.

Kakakshi: Kakashi Raikiri glows white with his white chakra. The shear intensity of it blows away his mask

CLiffhanger: The chakra that cut lightning itself. Kakashi bears his white fang to cut through the darkness.

kitsuchi: damn... it won't last long!
mifune deeply wounded: everyone lets assemble! medic ninjas are requested! take the wounded at a long distance frome here! we need to prepare for the execution of the hd's plan!
every ninja moves according to the plan.
guy, rock lee and ten ten arrive at the place where lies the body of neji.
guy: neji...
lee: i... my rival...
and with tears in his eyes clench his fist.
ten ten hugs hinata, bent on neji's body.
even sai kakashi and sakura arrive.
every konoha rokie is now there.
suddenly a strong uproar is heard! we can see a big crack in the rock mountain that was holding the kyuubi.
the mountain falls apart!
madara is with his arms folded. at his side obito.
madara, with a smirk smile: and now?
obito's look is fixed on naruto's group.
naruto is staring at madara and obito.
madara: seems like your friend is becoming a little pissed off...
tobi, with a mad face: i want ... more despair!
tobi: seems like all your friends are gathered. now il will easyer to kill all of them naruto! and it will be in front of your eyes! but don't worry! very soon you will die too!
naruto: you bastard! i'll stop you here and now!
tobi: how pathetic!
kakashi: naruto, don't get provoked by him! we need to focus on shikaku's plan. it's the only hope we have. How much time you need more?
naruto: two minutes more...
guy: lee, ten ten, prepare yourself. we need to buy time.
naruto: no! i won't let you...
but guy interrupt naruto: naruto, shikaku, inoichi, neji and every ninja that is no long with us, choose to sacrifice his life in order to give an hope to all of us. we have to make this sacrifice was not in vain!
guy: and also... i want to kick their ass very badly!
guy kakashi lee ten ten hiashi chouza sai kiba shino hinata etc.. is lined up in front of the enemy.
naruto with ino choji and shikamaru is behind them.
guy: naruto don't let our hope fade by!

Naruto: Obito you bastard!
Hinata: Neji.....*cries*
Hiashi:He was a fine great Hyuga who had so much potential... its a shame
Tenten:*burst in tear* I.. I... always loved him
*Lee and Guy burst in to 7th gate and perform a combo Afternoon tiger destroy the spears and pushing the Juubi back*
Obito:silly fools dont they realize this terror will never
Madara*thinking*:This is a waste of time we need to Kyuubi and Gyuki immediately,now to slaughter the bugs
*everyone including the Juubi gazes up at the big ass space rock heading straight for them in fear,awe and shock*
Naruto*thinking*:I couldnt save him......Sasuke i coudlnt save either......everyone....is gonna die because of me............An era of peace.............what can I do........dammit sage mode is useless.......and kurama still needs time......
*The Meteor is only 1200 meters away from naruto and co*
Hinata:Naruto kun
Sakura OMG we are gonna die
Everyone else:screams
*Suddenly naruto is filled with energy and power*
HAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ODAMA RASENSHURIKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*hes throws a rasenshuriken the size of a city block at the meteor that then completely
destroys the meteor
Obito:Juubi attack!!!!
Juubi:grrrr.....grrrrrr.ggrrrrr......get.....get.. ...GET OFF MY HEAD HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Madara: Shit!
Obito: Fuck O_o
Juubi(in a demonic voice)-An Uchiha dares control me...I am a supreme being that created this world and now seek to destroy it.
*the souls of everyone but Naruto and the villains gets eaten by Juubi*
Juubu(demonic voice):HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!
Naruto:You monster
*Naruto and Killer Bee are drawn into the Juubi then arent seen again*
*The Juubi looks exactly like the silhouette,its black and 6000 meters tall*
Juubi: This world fell to the humans now they shall die HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
*The Juubi fires a bijuudama that nukes the earth country completely then fires 4 more destroying the water,wind and fire country leaving the lightning country remaining*
Madara:Looks like i got no choice
*1 billion clones are spawned*
Obito:This is perfect yes now all we have to do it fuse with it right right
*Madara stabs Obito*
Madara:i never wanted peace i wanted power from the get go
It ends with Madaras army approaching the juubi

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