Thursday, 27 December 2012

Naruto 616 : Hope Renewed

Obito : Naruto those pretty words of her are only ilusions
that blind you from the truth. you're friends will die. No matter what you say
Naruto : I...... was a fool because of the bonds we share
those bonds can never be destroyed. The moment i stop believing in my friends is
the moment i will become like you.
Hinato( that's right Naruto )
Obito : Still he doesn't change...
Obito( why doesn't he give up)
Madara ( i thought he was gonna break)

The Scene Switches

Sasuke : What was that immense explosion?
Orochimaru : I see tobi reached his goal
Sasuke : Goal?
Orochimaru : we have arrived
Sasuke : The Uchiha hideout.... why here
Orochimaru :Before i bring you to them you must read the contents
of the tablet once more.
Sasuke: I alreay read it once
Orochimaru : but not with you're new eyes
Sasuke : right.....
Sasuke reads the contents.
Sasuke :if i use that then i will get new eyes ones again............
........ wait there is another secret passage way underneath this?
Orochimaru : yes but you will need the new eyes
Sasuke : hmph i am strong enough as it is.
Orochimaru : Compared to those fighting the war you are....
insignificant... now. Unless you give me you''re body
Sasuke : how dare you.
Orochimaru : those shockwaves were from shinobi a lot more
powerful than Itachi so i advised you listen.
Sasuke looks outside and sees huge explosions.

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