Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Naruto 615 : Myobokuzan Unleased

Naruto (crying): Neji...... I'm sorry
Naruto: Hinato everybody that wants to protect me go away!!!! i won't let any one else get hurt
Naruto : Kurama please charge up as fast as you can because now i am going to use everything
Summonig Jutsu ! The Toad Sages Apear
Pa : Naruto we where waiting on you
Ma : the Juubi..
They hop on Naruto shoulders and enter Sage Mode
Naruto : i only need to buy as much time as the kurama needs
then i need you to go.
Madara : those toads...... the legendary mount myobokuzan that Uzumaki kid is a Sage?
Obito : .....
Naruto Sage Mode : Summoning Jutsu!! Gamabunta and three other large toad enter the battlefield
Naruto Sage mode : Gamabunta toss me on top of the Juubi!
Pa & Ma : Sage Art : Toad Flame bomb
Madara absorpbs the attack
Pa : Naruto chan you re bringin us in even bigger trouble than with pain
Gamabunta with the other toads are trying to take the juubi down with swords
Madara : The Uzumaki kid has to much tricks up his sleeve.
Shikamaru : i should use this time to formulate a plan of attack ino be on standby
to connect me to as much people as you can
Ino : Yes
Madara: Obito keep controlling the juubi ... i think i am going to play a bit
Naruto Sage Mode Kage Bunshin no jutsu!
Naruto made three clone each making a Rasenshuriken
Shikamaru using Ino''s jutsu: Naruto you should use the Rasenshuriken as a distraction
and try to blind to juubi with that jutsu the toads use the alliance can't hit the juubi there
but you are on his blindspot.
Pa : Good plan let the schadow clones distract those 2
Madara : they have another mind

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