Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Naruto 613 Prediction: The Hokages new light

Starts off with the Shinobi alliance firing their jutsus at Madara Obito and the Juubi

Obito: Madara shouldn't we stop the jutsus

Madara: no... this time the Juubi will

as the jutsus get closer the 10 tails uses a force field to hold the jutsus off

Madara: Don't worry Obito, with the Juubi nothing will be able to come close, let alone hit us

Naruto: you sure about that

Naruto jumps behind Madara and Obito, throwing a RS

Madara: hmmm trying to hit the Juubi's blind spot

Madara uses Universal Pull the throw the RS out of their way, and the Juubi hits Naruto with one of its tails and he flies back

Naruto: DAMN IT!!!! I was sure that was going to work.

Kakashi: Naruto get out of there

The Juubi's tail begins to fall on top of Naruto, but Naruto goes into KM and flashes next to Kakashi

Naruto: thanks Kakashi Sensie

Madara: even if you move out of the way, no amount of running can save you or this world

Obito: Naruto just give up on this hope your clinging to, and let the true peace cover the world

Naruto: theres no peace in an illusion

Cut to the Kages

Tsunade: Katsuyu you must hurry, I don't have a lot of time myself

Katsuyu: Tsunade sama, are you planning to use THAT??

Tsunade: Its the last thing as I can do as Hokage, bring them here while I prepare to use it

Tsunade claps her hands together, as Katsuyu brings the other Kages to her

Tsunade: Katsuyu thank you, I guess this is goodbye

Tsunade then creates a couple of hand signs

Tsunade: been awhile since I had to use this, SLUG SAGE MODE, Sage healing waves

Green waves spread healing the Kages

Kages: what happened

Tsunade: Madara killed you guys, I brought you back at the expense of my own life

A: Tsunade...

Katsuyu: you have to go to help Naruto, thats where Madara went

Kages: and this time he wont win

Next time: the Kages arrive for round 2

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