Thursday, 6 December 2012

Naruto 613: The real fight begins

Starts off with Madara and Obito trying to stop the combined powers of the Alliance

Madara: hmmm with this many people my sharingan wont be enough

Madara switches to his Rinnegan


all the Alliance jutsus are absorbed, Scene switches to Bee

Bee: Cee come here Motha ****a, you Inoichi listen too and pass on this plan to people of the Lightning

Cee: yes Bee-sama

Bee wispers in his ears while Inoichi listens trough mind jutsu

Bee: see motha ****a take one out the otha and nothin

Inoichi: Bee thats an amazing plan, if they cant see the attack nothing can stop it from hitting them

Bee: Cee start the plan

Cee: yes Bee-sama

Cee makes hand signs

Cee: Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar

Cee blinds Madara, Obito, and the Juubi

Madara: hmmm going after the Juubi again with this, have they learned it wont work

Bee: Lariot!!!!!

Bee lands a hit on Obito, Obito's chest cavity rips open and he goes flying. Madara eyes widen

Bee: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madara: hmmm so they were after Obito (if I dont end this, it may get bad, but I need that Obito kid to revive me)

Madara jumps down to where Obito landed

Madara: Naraka Path

Obito starts to glow green and is healed

cut shinobi fodder and Naruto

Shinobi fodder: how.?.?.? did.?.?.?

Naruto: one of the Rinnegans powers, restoration

Flashback to when Pain healed one of the Pains

back to Madara and Obito

Obito: thanks Madara

Madara: that child knows a lot of the Rinnegans powers, did he come in contact with it

Obito: hes the one the killed Nagato

Madara: hmmm so this kid knows my powers... if hes still alive I doubt hes seen this one

Madara makes seals

Madara: Human path Dragon inhalation

a dragon goes around the alliance killing every shinobi it touches

Back to Naruto

Naruto: shit this is getting bad, I have to do something about it

Naruto runs towards Madara

Bee: dont run in alone Naruto, or your gonna be done fool ya fool

Naruto looks back and smiles but he keeps running

Bee: Dauri use your Double Black Panther to keep the Dragon away from Naruto

Dauri: yes Bee-sama

cut to Sakura healing Kakashi

Kakashi: hurry up Sakura, I have to back up Naruto

Sakura: sensie your not in the condition to continue to fight


Sakura looks down

Sakura: Sensie...

change to Naruto

Naruto: (all I have to do is hit Madara and this jutsu should stop)

Naruto runs closer to Madara, Madara glares at him

Madara: Obito take care of Naruto

Obito: right

Obito runs toward Naruto and Naruto forms a Rasen Shuriken and throws it

Obito: shit

As the shuriken heads towards Obito, he slips through it

Naruto: (just as I wanted with it headed towards Madara he cant stop it and control the dragon)

The jutsu comes up on Madara, he throws his hands up

Madara: Pretra Path

Its absorbed but the dragon vanishes

Naruto: yeahhhhh!!!!

Obito: dont celebrate just yet

Obito runs towards Naruto as he gets close enough to attack Kakashi jumps in between them

Naruto: Kakashi sensie!!!!

Madara looks over at them

Madara: (i guess Ill let them fight that out for awhile)

Madara makes signs

Madara: Asura Path

Madara's hand turns into a RPG

Madara: total Inhalation

Madaras hand then shoots out Missile one after another headed towards the alliance

Bee jumps in the air and uses his tails to revert all that he can back at the Juubi but some still hits the alliance

Madara: this is getting fun, but its like a game play it to much and you get board

Madara makes seals


everyone pauses as the coffin comes up

Madara: Ive had this one prepared since the Second Hokage invented it, thanks to my sharingan, his justu was easily copied

The coffins lid explodes to a billion pieces

Kurama&Gyuki: Rikudo Sennin

Next time: Rikudo Sennin joins the fray

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