Monday, 3 December 2012

Naruto 612 Prediction: Izuna Chakra

Naruto- The Shinobi Alliance Jutsu will destroy the moon! There will be no Infinite Tsukuyomi!
Obito- !?
Madara- Do you think we'll let you get in our way, Uzumaki?
Sakura- What's the plan, Naruto?
Naruto- We'll have to hold them off until the last of the Shinobi Alliance Comes (Smiles in a calm way)
Sakura- ! (Sasuke)
(Scene switches)
Orochimaru- Sasuke, this is the place.
Sasuke- This grave, what's in it?
Orochimaru- Izuna Uchiha's grave. I managed to find it throughout my research.
Sasuke- Madara's brother..!?
Suigetsu- What's with this creepy place!?
Juugo- ...
Sasuke- Juugo, open this coffin.
(Juugo breaks the lid off)
(Izuna's body lays there, young)
Sasuke- His body should have decayed.
Orochimaru- Unlike Madara Uchiha, Izuna's body had a darker chakra. But Madara just had stronger techniques, balancing them out.
Sasuke- I'll take his chakra.
Orochimaru- Let me use my seal to seal Izuna's chakras into your eyes. This will boost your chakra levels and abilities to a level higher than now, maybe even higher than Madara's!
(Orochimaru uses the Chakra Sealing Forbidden Jutsu)
Suigetsu- He can use his hands!?
Orochimaru- Yes I can. While in Konan's body, my body renewed itself. Think of this as my new body.
Sasuke- (Eyes closed)
Orochimaru- Now, I'll let you meet THEM.

Chapter End

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