Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Naruto 614: The Plan

Shikamaru: Ino, Know isn't the time for tears.. We can't let anyone's death be in vain.
Ino: I know Shikamaru.

~Scene changes to Naruto & Kurama~
Naruto: How much longer Kurama?
Kurama: About 5 more minutes..
Naruto: Is there any way we can speed this up?
Kurama: No.... How much chakra do you have Naruto?
Naruto: Not good.. I could manage a Rasengan or two and that's it.
Kurama: I see and Sage Mode has its limitations.. We're not alone though! Everyone is here to support us..
Naruto: Yeah you're right.. Its time to show Madara how far we've come as shinobi!

~Scene change to the battlefield~
-Shikamaru and Ino land near Kakashi-

Kakashi: Whats the plan Shikamaru?

Shikamaru: Well my father couldn't go into detail but he did point out one key point.. The Juubi's power is incompor-

-Suddenly the Juubi's arm swings down at them-

-All 3 of them jump out the way as the arm rattles the already destroyed land causing more rubble-

Ino: However you look at this Madara isn't the type to let us sit down and discuss a strategy..

Kakashi:!!! Ino that's it

Kakashi: Madara isn't the type to win by cheating.. He is extremely arrogant and competitive.. knowing the enemy came up with a strategy would entice him.

Shikamaru: Its a case of playing with fire though.. I think if we can separate Obito from Madara then our chances would increase significantly.

-The 3 of them land and continue talking-

~Scene change~
Kiba: How are you on chakra Chougi?
Chouji: I'm at about half and I still have some pills left.
Kiba: Chouji.. If we pull this combination off I'll buy some Barbecue.
Chouji: Okay! What do I need to do?
Kiba: I'm going to use my double headed wolf transformation technique.. In that scroll is some armor for when Akamaru & I use the technique.. I haven't tested it until now.

Chouji: Okay lets do it!..

-Chouji uses his multi size jutsu and is almost as tall as the Juubi-

-a cloud of smoke appears besides Chouji then 2 wolf heads roar and their heads emerge from the cloud-

-Chouji pulls out the scroll and the armor appears on Kiba-

[The armor is similar to Appa's from Avatar in design]

Madara: Heh' Its funny.. we've destroyed their center of intelligence yet they continue to believe they stand a chance..

Obito: Madara please may we move this along and begin the project.. Seeing all of them struggle only makes me more impatient for the infinite tsukuyomi.

Madara: *Kakashi's pleads to him have been seeded into his head keeping him alive might come back to bite me*

-2 chakra wings appear from Chouji's back and he grips his detachable pole from his back pocket(?)-
-Kiba & Akamaru nod to chouji then advance to the Juubi-
-Naruto & co watch in the distance-

Naruto: Kakashi Sensei!

Kakashi: I know Naruto.

-Naruto sits down and begins gathering natural energy-

Kakashi: *Even in sage mode Naruto's abilities on how much damage he can do are limited.. I want to see if I can use Kamui as well as Obito but it takes a huge toll on my chakra reserve.. We have 3 possible strategies..

1. Kiba & Chouji approach Madara & the Juubi then we use this as a distraction and risk their lives..
2. I use Kamui.. Approach Obito from behind and finish him off thus making the connection to the Juubi's mind unstable and still risk putting Kiba & Chouji in danger.
3. Wait for Naruto.. Who would have most likely arrived at the conclusion that Kamui is key to taking Obito out & continue the 2 possible courses of actions but with him included.*

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