Thursday, 13 December 2012

Naruto 614: The plan to win!!

Naruto: Shikamaru... Ino... their dads.... the headquarters... all destroyed

Madara: yes, and your next

Kakashi: dont count on that, we have one last plan and WE WONT FAIL!!!!

Obito: hahahahaha dont count on your plan, it may not work Kakashi

Naruto: Kakashi Sensie dont listen to him, it came from Shikamarus dad it has to work

Madara: hmmm seems like before the Headquarters was destroyed they relayed one last message, no worries it wont work

Bee: Naruto we have to execute the plan before the Juubi gets even bigger fool ya fool

Naruto: yea, everyone create a distraction!!!

Shinobi alliance: yes Naruto-san

the Shinobi alliance shoots their jutsus at the Juubi

Bee: Naruto we have to go into our Tailed Beast states

Naruto: yes uncle Bee

Naruto transforms into Kurama and Bee into the Hachibi

Shikamaru: Ino send out a message to the 3 clans to begin on my signal

Ino: of course

Ino relays the message

Kakashi: Shikamaru, I leave this to you I need to be on the other side when Obito comes through, when you have the Juubi restrained tell the army to attack for 10 mins, by then things will be settled between Obito and me

Shikamaru confirms things with Kakashi as Kakashi is warped away

Shikamaru: INO NOW

Ino sends the signal

Shikamaru: Nara clan, use your shadow restraints on Madara and the Juubi, Akimichi and Yamanaka clans be ready, everyone after the Juubi is restrained attack with everything you have

Naruto: now its my turn, wind style dust storm!!!

a big dust storm covers the field

Naruto: there you go Shikamaru, I gave you an opening take it while you can

Shikamaru and his clan then restranes both Madara and the Juubi

Shikamaru: good we got them held, so far so good

Ino: everyone now use the 10 minute jutsu

the alliance then starts to attack with the Med team giving them Chakra to continue the attack

Obito: hmmm looks like their targeting me, they cant hit me if I fully go into the dimension.

Obito slips to the other dimension, and we see Kakashi waiting for him

Kakashi: Obito, didn't expect this did you

Obito has a surprised face

Kakashi: now me and you can end it in here


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